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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Believing is halfway towards achieving

1st August 2015
Before Alice got into Wonderland, she had to fall pretty hard down a deep hole!
It's the first of the month and I'm feeling better than I did yesterday, thank the lord for 2 x 3pp hot toddy's and Night Nurse!  I had one when I got home from my massage about 5.30, another about 7.30 then an early night and I think I'm much improved this morning.  I'm going with I'm on the mend anyway because believing is halfway towards achieving!

I'm sat here with my hot lemon drink (no whiskey this time) thank you Debbie for the lemon part ;) and I reckon after a good hot shower, I'll be ready to rally up the troops and have a cracking morning meeting, on countdown to my new meeting, only 5 left with these lovely folk before I open my own and start afresh with a new group, lots to do this month to get it out there, would much appreciate you all spreading the word for me and letting folk know I'm opening it.

United Reform Church
Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton
WV10 8BH
Saturday 9.30am (starts 5th Sept)

Why not save this photo and post it on your Facebook or twitter page, anywhere you think will work, if you can put up a poster for me even better, pick on up from me :) and thanks in advance.

Yesterday it would have been so easy to go off track and use the "I don't feel very well" excuse, but I didn't, I ended on 37pp, not bad considering I had hot toddy's and a bit of chocolate (6 chunks!).  I even bought oranges and ate a huge orange, I can't remember the last time I actually ate an orange, seriously it's been over a year!  I've had the odd satsuma but not a proper orange, well I enjoyed it so will be buying more.  Lots of vitamin C was consumed yesterday, lots of fruit and veg, kiwi, banana, spinach, blueberries, orange, raspberries and lemon juice, not to mention the tomatoes, onion, red & green peppers used in Rosemarie's chicken, and the spinach I added that's the only proper food I ate yesterday, two dishes of that with the rice she'd made me too - what a superstar she is.  I'm most likely going to be eating it again today, save me cooking again and it's seriously my idea of tasty, I love it.  I had 11 different fruit and veggies yesterday, I'm impressed by that!  How many did you have?

So yesterday I started reading a book, I will pick it up again later hopefully, but I skimmed quite a bit of it as it's a factual book and one line in it that really stuck out to me was, "I've never met an overeater who wasn't also an undereater".  This statement is so true, It becomes a vicious cycle, people drastically undereat because they desperately want to lose weight but that at some point is going to lead to one hungry person who will overeat because it's in our dna to survive.  So just a reminder, to lose weight I'm going to eat MORE, because food isn't really the problem but the solution.  It isn't the quantity of most food I eat that's the problem, it's the type of food, so I'm going to make better choices.

We can't change our past, it's your history and it's time to move forward, because  we can carve out a different future for ourselves, so let's do that yeah?  August has 31 days, so taking it one day at a time let's make this month count and aim towards that different future.

My plan for today, is lots more healthy fruit and veggies, plenty of water, there may be another hot toddy involved later, hot lemonade, lemon juice, whisky & a spoonful of honey, but only the one today.  I think I'm going to cook up some chargrilled mediterranean vegetables to have with my chicken and possibly some grains, plenty of Filling & Healthy foods, then I'll finish it off with another early night.

Here's to a great weekend, on track and aiming for a loss next week.


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