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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Doing It!

12th August 2015
You may encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.

Can't beat a giggle to lift your spirits and I had plenty of them in my meetings yesterday, sometimes it's just what you need.  That and people who believe in you and reassure you that you can do this!  That's what Julie did last night when she asked me how I'd done this week and I said "I gained 1lb, I can't do this", her response, no hesitation was "YES YOU CAN!" and she's right, yes I can.  I may have my own internal war with myself about whether I want to do it, that totally depends on which side of Bev is strongest but the truth is, as long as I continue to focus on the healthy and happy most of the time, my weight will go down a little and I can enjoy the journey.

Yes I love food, yes I love wine, yes I love eating and drinking but the times that the food and drink causes me the problems is actually when I'm not concentrating on it and thinking about what I'm going to have!   It's when I'm just grabbing at food because I'm in a rush and busy or because it's there or of course when my mood isn't the best, so eating really isn't being enjoyed at that time at all, it's just something I'm doing to distract me from how I feel. 

So yeah I can continue to love and eat delicious food, it isn't causing me a problem as I proved yesterday.  See I have a big appetite, so when I cooked the 6 heck sandwiches yesterday morning that were leftover and use by date today, of course I was going to eat them up, they're delicious and they were cooked - what did I expect!  Luckily there were only 6pp and I had them with tomatoes, mushrooms and an egg for breakfast, that came to a total of 9pp for breakfast and a delicious one that made me feel super satisfied and like I wasn't being deprived (deprivation is the easiest way to get me off plan and gaining). 
For lunch I made a delicious cauliflower cheese, that cost just over a £1 to make, 70p for the cauli and 33p for the cheese sauce, plus about 20p for the grated cheese - who says you can't eat cheap and healthy!  We had a fishcake with it, that I found in the freezer - I'm going to empty that damn freezer if it's the last thing I do!  That was another 10pp.
Finally for tea I had flaked salmon and cheese on toast for another 10pp, I love bread and I haven't had any in the house since Friday, so decided if I'm going to eat it, I'm having the good stuff (seeded brown mmm) but I'll have the 400g sized loaf and it'll be a main part of the meal, not something added to mop up the dinner or after the dinner!

Okay yeah I used 4pp of my weeklies, but that's okay because I felt totally satisfied with what I ate, actually I used 7 of my weeklies because of the skimmed milk in my drinks.  Ending on 37pp on track is a hell of a lot better than ending on 60pp off track!  It's not about being perfect, it's about improving!

I slept really well too, in bed just after 9 and the alarm clock woke me up at 5am. 

So YES I CAN do this, and so can you, I'm getting that damn silver 7 for September, whether it's the beginning or end it doesn't matter as long as I don't give up!  I need to do a full month on track to prove I still can.  Got my tracker out, drinking my first pint of water and just off to check out the freezer and cupboards for today's meal ideas.

I AM DOING THIS, are you BeYOUtiful, are you with me, are you in?  Have you set a next small goal to give you something to aim for, have you thought about how you're going to achieve that?

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