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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Eat more to lose!

13th August 2015
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

A member asked me Tuesday morning if being a leader helped me to keep my weight down, I immediately said NO, it doesn't help at all.  All I think about and talk about is food and weight loss, I listen to people tell me what they've eaten and then I want to eat it, I'm forever thinking about it all!  But the true answer is I don't know do I, as I don't know how I'd be behaving were I not a leader, I could still be thinking about it all the time couldn't I because when I'm on Facebook there are plenty of non Weight Watcher leaders doing just that!

Eating is a big part of our planet!  Why because it's enjoyable and there's so much in this world that isn't, it brings pleasure and comfort, oh and distraction!   All things we look for sometimes, so the true answer is yeah being a leader probably actually does help me because if I wasn't then I maybe would be thinking about the eating but wouldn't be thinking about the solutions and how to sort it out!


I only filled myself up yesterday and left a bit of my dinner!  Oh yeah, after a delicious banana on 'thin' bagel for my breakfast for 3pp and an orange, plus my nutribullet drink of spinach, raspberries, 1/2 banana and water, my tummy actually rumbled about 10 o'clock but it was okay afterwards, so that couldn't been my digestion system sorting it all out more so that a hungry rumble.  Anyway I went shopping at Morrisons, very impressed with the prices of their fruit and veggie, I also bought 3 for £1 large yorkshire puddings (7pp) and for lunch we had one of those with stewing steak (3pp, the whole tin was 13pp) (added courgette, onion and pepper) in it and some carrot, swede and potato mash (2pp), and a bit of cauli, well I couldn't eat it all I was full, that's not happened for a long time so it was very much welcomed and proves that focusing on Filling & Healthy foods and bulking those meals out with those zero hero veggies whilst snacking on a bit of fruit really does help.  Tea was salmon, rice and salad for 10pp, then my indulgence before going to bed was Pepperoni sticks, me and Alfie shared a packet (he's a wierd dog!) and my 40g worked out at 5pp, delicious though and I'd earned 5pp on my fitbit, plus I hadn't had any wine, that's my 2 days free are good for your liver complete :)

Ended on 33pp, that even includes tracking the milk in my drinks which I'm guilty of not doing! 

So my week so far looks like this;
Monday 39pp
Tuesday 30pp (fitbit earned 3pp)
Wednesday 33p (fitbit earned 5pp)

I plan to have a good complete week, I want that silver 7 for September, 3lb down 4lb to go - I can do this, we can do this, let's stop saying it, LET'S DO THIS!

Really enjoying this week's meetings, it's good to stop and acknowledge what you are doing well, we so quick to give ourselves a hard time when we don't do something.  Here's to a tremendous Thursday complete with healthy food choices, a happy mood and keeping track of it all!  

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