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Monday, 10 August 2015


10th August 2015
You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit!
Bugga, I gained a pound, so now I'm 4lb away from my silver 7 for September!  I sort of expected to gain more if I'm honest as the 4lb I lost last week wasn't at all expected and I realised it was probably because I'd been poorly so to keep 3lb of it off is fab, I'll take that.

I also stopped tracking last Monday, got cocky didn't I, thinking well I lost 4lb easy enough I don't need to track, erm yeah I do!  So lesson learnt, tracker book in front of me, cocky head put firmly back in place and a good week ahead of me, I will get that silver 7.  Here's to a 100% on track week, no lying to myself, no messing about, just doing the plan as it's meant to be done!

I turned into a bread monster again didn't I and there was me contemplating buying a bread machine yesterday, well that's just not a good idea at all is it, I didn't even buy a loaf this weekend because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist and I'd eat it all.  So no bread machine, I shan't even think about that for a moment more...

My meals have been great I've just been having the odd bits that I'm not tracking and therefore I'm going over my allowance, that stops today and I'm sorting it out.  Yeah as well as being a bread monster, I was attacked by a slab or two of cheese, so that won't be getting bought this week either until I'm back in control.  It's all coming back to me, Essington fruit farm Wednesday dinner, I bought that piece of cheese, then I bought another piece when mom came shopping with me Thursday.  So my food bombs at the moment are bread and cheese, it's good to look back and realise what needs to change.

Our dinner yesterday was delicious but it was also 15pp, which is fine if its within your allowance but it's quite high for a main meal when you only have 26pp for the day and you've already spend a good few on a big breakfast.  I've either got to get a grip and make lower ProPointed meals or maybe think about Filling & Healthy.

I'm going to make a list before going shopping this week and stick to it, I may even do the online thing, we shall see because I don't really need much just fresh stuff really.

This morning I'm going to check out my freezer and cupboards and look for some meal ideas for the week, then make a list of those meals and the ProPoints they'll cost me, I'm then going to see what I actually need to buy before going anywhere near a shop! 

403lb was lost at my scales last week so we all know it works when you follow it, 15,623lb in total this year and so much success seen, so here's to having a bit of that success this week, I'm on it 100% not 90% because that 10% is what makes the difference between succeeding and gaining!

Focus on that extra 10% this week BeYOUtiful, you know it makes sense. xx

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