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Saturday, 29 August 2015

New gadget - easily pleased!

29th August 2015
You can do anything but not everything!

Bank Holiday weekend, hope you've got something fun planned, I've got a lot to get done in the next 7 days so I'll be staying local.  Today I have my last cover meeting at the swimming centre, then straight after I'm off to deliver flyers to advertise my new meeting open next Saturday, if anyone lives over that way and fancies taking enough flyers for their own street, give me a shout, there are a handful of us delivering this afternoon but the more the merrier.

I was proper tired yesterday after my extra busy Thursday, so as soon as I'd got through the must get done work, which was elevenish, I had an hour painting my greenhouse before it rained, which I decided was the universes way of telling me to go sit down and chill my beans, which is exactly what I did.  A whole afternoon of sitting watching tele with my mom, I enjoyed a nice long bath and we went to bed at 8, fully recharged and ready to start my day I am now.

Food was very basic yesterday as I just couldn't be bothered if I'm honest, had toast for breakfast, a crisp sarnie for lunch and for tea we had egg and beans on toast, unfortunately there was some cinema style popcorn involved - just because it was in the house, this is why it shouldn't be in the house!

I need to go get fresh stuff, I'm all out of spinach for my nutribullet drinks, we've got no bread left, which was a good thing last night as I could've easily ate the egg on toast again, yeah need to nip to the supermarket at some point today for top ups, not for other food though as I'm gonna empty that freezer if it kills me!

I had a new gadget arrive yesterday, ordered me a spiraliser so I can make courgetti, it's got a few attachments so I'll be able to have a play when I have half hour.  If you're looking to cut back on carbs, the difference between 100g of pasta and 100g of courgette is about 300kcal and the cooking time is considerably less. 

I've just googled and found a recipe that simply tells you to;
  use a spiralizer/julienne peeler on the courgette. Or use a vegetable peeler and then a knife to slice the courgette strips into spaghetti type strands.
  Wilt the courgetti using a little butter and water in a pan. Or, to be more authentic in your service and to save time and washing up, just run some of the pasta sauce hot from the stove through your spirals and the heat and salt in the sauce will soften them.
  Check the seasoning and serve on top of a pile of courgette spaghetti with fresh parmesan and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to serve.
  Alternatively stir half the sauce through a bowl of courgetti and then serve each portion with a little more ragu on top, a drizzle of olive oil and fresh parmesan.

So simple enough to cook by the looks, I will definitely be trying it out and letting you know, I have some pasta sauce in the cupboard I can use and I might defrost mince to use too.  The BBC website just tells me to spiralize your courgettes on the large noodle attachment. Heat a large frying pan with the remaining 1 tbsp olive oil and add your courgetti. Cook until slightly softened, for 2-3 mins.  Sorted.

Right I'm off to get ready for my meeting, sort mom out, although it looks like cereal as the cupboards are bare of bread and teacakes - whoops!

Enjoy your Saturday, let's hope when it lightens up the day involves sunshine, nights really are drawing in, it's still pitch black out there at 5am! 

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