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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Loving my life, let's get this day started.

25th August 2015
Be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

I had a great day yesterday, mostly spent up the garden painting my new greenhouse that my brothers building me from pallet and scrap wood, he's so clever!  It's going to be awesome when it's finished and yes of course it's being painted green, seagrass green actually but what other colour would you paint a greenhouse, can you tell I'm really thrilled with it and can't wait to be able to potter in the garden, even on a dull day and grow some seeds and plants of my own. 

 So far so good! just a door and windows needed now!

Because I was consumed by what I was doing, my breakfast of nutribullet drink (spinach/pear/banana/kiwi) and my orange kept me going to about 2ish, then I had a bowl of the soup I'd made with a couple of slices of low cal bread and that kept me satisfied till I finished out there about five.  After a long soak in the bath, I couldn't be bothered to cook and I wasn't overly hungry but I knew if I left it, I'd be hungry in a few hours.  No bread left so I just ate ham from the packet and had a packet of salted microwave popcorn.  Bit of a random food day I guess but at least I got some fruit and veg down me, there was courgette and onion in the soup.

A healthy balanced diet doesn't have to be perfect, if you're not hungry one day, it's good to listen to your body, we don't have to eat 3 square meals every day.  It's good sometimes to wait for your body to tell you that you're hungry not a clock.  When I had my soup yesterday, I actually realised I was hungry, that doesn't happen very often which is one of the reasons I love manual labour because it's one way to work up a real appetite.

What it does mean now though is I have both defrosted turkey mince and chicken in my fridge to use up today as one was meant for yesterday, I'll cook them both and one can be for tomorrow if need be.  I really need a loaf too, I'm improving though because that loaf yesterday had been in the house a week!  What scares me is it was still edible, makes me wonder what preservatives were in it!

I've got to be super organised this week as it's going to be a really busy one, 13 meetings, a business trip to Stoke, an afternoon of bowling and Nandos with my bestie and her kids and then once I've done my last cover meeting on Saturday, I shall be promoting my new meeting open the next Saturday, so lots of delivering leaflet and walking the streets ;) earning activity ProPoints. Then Sunday/Monday we might get to finish the greenhouse. 

I'll be having me a few early nights I reckon so I keep the energy levels up and I'll also need to get some planning into my meals, but to be fair, everything in the freezer and kitchen is healthy so should be okay whatever we make, just need to ensure I take stuff out to defrost, so turkey burgers or some kind of lasagne, burgers will mean a trip to buy bread or buns of some sort, unless we have them with salad instead or rice, I guess it doesn't have to involve bread, I do like the sound of a burger on a bun though and we do need bread, can't be leaving mom without the one ingredient she can make a meal of if I'm out.

Anyway, I managed to finished Monday within budget, so here's to Tuesday on track, I'm gonna check my eat out guide for Nando's and pre plan it so I stay on track. 

Just realised this weekend is a Bank Holiday, the last one of the year, we can survive it on track can't we BeYOUtiful?  Yeah course we can, I've woke up this morning full of life and raring to go!

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