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Monday, 31 August 2015

BeYOUtiful this Bank Holiday!

31st August 2015
The fact that you aren't where you want to be should be motivation enough!

Bank Holiday Monday, last day of August, I set a challenge in my meetings last month to get a Silver 7 for September, we agreed thankfully that it could be anytime in September and I'm half way there, lost 1lb this week, so that's 3.5lb since the beginning of August and I'm chuffed with that.  I know if I was to be on it 100%, I would lose more, but I'm happy to take it slower and eat that little bit more, it's all healthy food, I just enjoy it too much to stick to my allowance all the time! 

Yesterday I started my day with one egg on one slice of toast, realised even though I could easily eat two, I didn't need them.  For lunch we tested out the new spiraliser, made the courgetti and it'll do me, especially as it saved me 6pp which is what my spaghetti would've weighed easily.  Had a nice plate of mince in pasta sauce on the top if it.  Then for tea we had fish fingers in a Sainsbury's 3pp seeded flat bread so yesterday was kept simple. 

I'm aware though that other than the courgette and onion yesterday, oh and the spinach, banana and berries (I'd overlooked them) I feel I'm lacking in the green veggie stuff, so I might make us a dinner today.  I was just about to think about going to the supermarket to buy a chicken or joint but I've got some frozen portions in the freezer, they'll do the job just perfect, I've got frozen veggies too I can use, yep that's dinner sorted and it'll get some more of the stuff out of the freezer ready for it's defrosting.

I really enjoyed my Sunday, I know it's the day of rest and all that but I love my job and ended up working on a project till noon, then me and mom had a fab afternoon, we sat and enjoyed Annie the movie with Jamie Foxx, it's a real uplifting film, we then watched Xfactor from the night before, followed by Big Brother, we do like our trash tv.  Mom announced at half seven she was tired, so we went to bed, I love an early night, I really do, so I've been awake since 4am on this Bank Holiday Monday, mom woke not long after me so we've just had a posh coffee out of our machine, whilst mom tells me how lovely her life is and how lucky she is - music to my ears that is. 

She's right though, we are blessed, I love our simple life, I do my best to veer away from stress, yes I work long hours but it's a job I absolutely love and it's my social life too which is a great place to be.  So next time you're having a bad day, stop and take a deep breath and think about all the good in your world, we're really lucky in the scheme of things.

Going off in a different direction, I've just been flicking through a copy of i a free newspaper I picked up in the hotel on Thursday, of course the headline "Calorie counting can be bad for your health - just eat good food" caught my attention and I read on to find out more.  I have to agree and this is why Weight Watchers is always the better option.  The article is saying all calories aren't equal, it goes on to say a can of cola a day, at 150 calories is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, whilst four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day, at 500 calories can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks!  Weight Watcher have and always will have a plan that encourages healthy eating, yes it's aimed at weight loss but in a healthy way, that's why all fruit and most vegetables have a zero value because we know they're a great addition to anyone's eating habits and you're more likely to eat them if you haven't got to count them!  Yeah Weight Watchers really is and has always been focused on the healthy not just the weight loss because we all know you can be skinny and unhealthy.

So today, I'll be focusing on the healthy and happy, a nice cooked dinner with some gravy, I need some gravy in my life, lots of veggies, and a bit of chicken, mmmm is it too early to start cooking ;)

Whatever you're up to today, remember there's more to life than food, as delicious as it is, make sure you're enjoying the rest of life, have a great day BeYOUtiful xx

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