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Saturday, 8 August 2015

But first tea...

8th August 2015
Make excuses or make progress - the choice is yours!

Yesterday was a struggle, I was tired and just wanted to go back to bed I think which meant I craved sweet food all afternoon, luckily I'd started the day with a nice cooked breakfast, those Heck chicken Italia sausage aren't bad at all, I had those with egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and a slice of bread for 9pp.  I did pinch a bit of moms cookie and just picked at stuff for the rest of the day, didn't have another proper meal which wasn't the best idea I know but hey ho, today's a new day and I'm off for afternoon tea with my mate - that's not going to be easy is it.

In the words of Gloria Gaynor - I will survive!   Anyone can give up, that's easy but to carry on takes persistence and perseverance and I'm no quitter!  If I need to I'll treat every day like a fresh new start and keep going, starting afresh as often as is necessary.

There's a recipe for soda bread in this weeks 'Your Week' meeting magazine, I think I may have a go at making that this weekend, I'll need to go buy the ingredients of course first, not today then as today's all about my meeting this morning and a catch up with my mate this afternoon.

I could very easily have stayed in bed this morning, my massage lady mixed me up a relaxing and sleep concoction and I've slept like a brick, I probably should've gone to bed even earlier than I did but the good news is I haven't woke up coughing this morning either so hopefully that's now out of my system - YAY!

Oh I need to have a moan, fruit - HOW EXPENSIVE!  I nipped to the fruit farm yesterday afternoon to pass half hour and oh my word the price of cherries and blackberries was obscene, £2.99 for the smallest tub, and in supermarkets £2 for a tiny tray of raspberries, it's just too much isn't it, I paid 70p for an orange, no wonder people opt for a bar of chocolate and a bag of crisps instead.  If I go to poundland I can get 6 packs for £1.  It's all wrong!

Having said that I did get a cauliflower for 79p and 5 nectarines for £1 from the fruit stall at the hollybush garden centre, so I guess the solution is to shop around and buy what's in season and on offer!

Yep my massage yesterday has done me the world of good and her potion really did the trick, I think I need a bit of caffeine to bring me back to life, I have already drunk a pint of water too.  Apparently there's a high percentage of Brits that don't drink enough water, they are opting to tea or coffee or fizzy drinks instead.  I always make sure I drink a couple of pints of water a day, our bodies need it.  So if you're not regularly getting that H2O down you, got pour yourself a glass now as I'm off to face the day, looking forward to it, finally back to full health after my lurgy, it lasted 9 days, hopefully that's my bout for the year, don't really want it back thank you.

Here's to a cracking weekend, I do solemnly swear (other than afternoon tea today) to eat healthily and stay away from snacking on the not so good stuff for the rest of the weekend!

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