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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Here's to the power of the Positive!

20th August 2015
The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are.  The second greatest is being happy with what you find.

Can't believe I've just lost 30 minutes tatting about on the internet, now let's get back to writing this blog!  I've got 5 meetings to get to today, and I need to shower first.  Yesterday I had a 16 ProPoint lunch, my bestie came round and I treated us to a piece of steak each, 2 for £7 from Asda still cheaper than eating out, plus the coffees free at my house.  I couldn't believe I wasn't hungry when I got home from work on the night so I didn't bother with my tea, just goes to show if you focus on Filling & Healthy foods and listen to your body, you really do notice that you're getting enough satisfaction.

I also tracked 100% yesterday, even my milk in my drinks, so I'm improving, it's so easy to have something and either forget or think oh I'll do that later, so to stop that I tracked on my phone, my journal might not always be in the same room as me, but my phone is always with me so I really do have no excuse.  So here's to tracking on my phone for the foreseeable future, see if that makes a difference!

I also listened to something one of my members had said on Facebook, Jess was explaining to someone how her fitbit challenges helped motivate her because she liked a bit of healthy competition, I realised I'm good with a bit of a challenge with myself rather than against someone so I've started to take more notice of my Fitbit again and attempt to clock up more steps on there as I've noticed the numbers are going in the wrong direction and Monday I forgot to wear it at all as it was charging, I wasn't that fussed as I knew I hadn't moved far.  So my challenge this week is to increase my steps!   6,470 is my monthly average over the last month, and 5,825 over the last 7 days, I didn't wear it Monday but I didn't really go far from the computer.  So my aim for the next seven days is to hit a minimum of 7,500 average, I can do that and that numbers keeping it real.

I made a coconut curry yesterday, which I was meant to have for tea and never got round too, at least I have food ready for today!  It was only a spice taylor sachet so no special skills involved!

So my 3 positives for yesterday were;
1) Tracked 100% accurately
2) Did 9,820 steps (working round Asda helped, also went to put my banner up on my new meeting ready, every step counts!)
3) Hit my 2 litre water intake

Ooo there's more

4) ate 6 different fruit & veggies despite only eating 2 meals
5) opted for mash whilst mom and Lynne had chips (albeit actifry healthy chips)
6) Nipped to Asda and only bought the fresh stuff I needed
7) I lied I did buy frozen fruit but YAY I can actually get them in the freezer as I've been using up the stuff that's been in there for so long....
8) Had cooked a curry before 6.30am (preparing) and also didn't use my bestie coming as an excuse to have crap!
9) 90% of my food intake was Filling & Healthy, makes a big difference to me.
10) Got a hug at the scales and told I was the reason they'd manage to stick to the plan and lose weight this time ;) made me feel good.

Right I like that I can write that many positives from one day, I like that I've just gone to have another sip of my pint of water and it's gone and I want more.  I love that even though it's Thursday and I've already worked 30 hours at least this week, I'm raring for my 12 hour shift - bring it on.  Good food gives me the energy to cope with my every day crazy busy life.

Right I'm off, focus on the positives BeYOUtiful, you have so many more than you realise in your day, and if you don't then it's up to you to add those positives into your life, no one can change your world but you!

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