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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Another small victory!

27th August 2015
Work on a new you, not because the old you is bad but because the old you can improve!

So my small victory yesterday was to have a bowl of soup and two rounds of toast for my tea instead of the kebab and chips I wanted!  Yep, the chip shop is right across the road from my meeting and they've even started doing yellow chips, I was more than tempted, but nope I resisted and came home and had soup.  What was your small victory yesterday?  I wasn't perfect yesterday, I don't think I'm likely to be perfect for a while yet, but I'm improving and that's what matters.  Actually thinking back yesterday wasn't bad at all, although I didn't track, and I promised too didn't I!  I ate a slice of fruit loaf (3pp) and a slice of toast for breakfast (3pp), with an orange and my nutribullet drink.  The I had two bars at the meeting that a member had bought me so that was 4pp and a hot chocolate for another 1pp - ouch!  For lunch with had a chicken salad sandwich, 8pp, with a skinny cappuccino 1pp and at my evening meeting I had a packet of Fruit bears 1pp, then my soup and toast 8pp and a glass of wine 6pp.

There I've just tracked, and that adds up to 35pp, I'm pleased with that to be honest, if I'd had a kebab that alone would have been 30ish, then the chips another 15 or so depending on how many I'd had.  Yep, feeling good about my mid week tracker, I wasn't swayed by the tired at all yesterday and I had an early night so I'm ready to take on my really busy day, 5 Weight Watchers classes and a drive to Stoke for a 2 hour meeting in the middle!  I need to think about my eating.  I think for tea when I get home I'll grab a meal out of the freezer, might take it out this morning so I know it's there, that'll stop me from picking up a KFC or a chippy on the way home from my evening meeting. 

I might stop at the garage this morning and pick up a readymade sandwich for lunch as I don't have enough bread and if I buy early I won't be as tempted as if I stop on Motorway at lunchtime!  Forward thinking helps see, knowing yourself and your likely behaviour helps even more.  Don't pretend you won't succumb to things you know you're going to be tempted by, I'm not one for testing my willpower - I don't really have much where foods concerned, it's easier not to put myself in the position.  I'll get me some ready prepared fruit too, that'll give me something to nibble on.  Might even buy the bread and meat and throw the sandwich together myself if they haven't got any healthy stuff.  No, sorted, I'm going to hard boil some eggs to take with me because they need using and I'm trying to use the contents of my cupboards.  I can stop to buy bread and I'll make egg sarnies in the car ;) no one else will be there so the smell won't matter!

There, that took me minutes to plan and has given a plan, and when I've followed that plan I'll have another small victory or two to celebrate tomorrow.

What was your small victory yesterday, it doesn't have to be some grand gesture, it's the little things that add up.  Something like getting an unexpected gain at the scales but not letting it set you back, or starting the day with a pint of water and making sure you had your 2 litres by the end of the day.  Anything that helped you stay on track and heading towards that next weight loss.

Right I'm off, lots to do, need to stay focused, not use a very busy, long nonstop day take me off track.  I'm praying there isn't any food goodies at the meeting I'm at this afternoon because that will test me beyond belief, free food when I'm peckish is lethal.  I'll stay strong!  Have a great day BeYOUtiful, we can do this...

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