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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Muting the greedy bitch!

5th August 2015
Remind yourself that health is wealth. And should you lose yours, nothing will be more important than getting it back.
Midweek already, oh my those days sure do seem to fly by, except that hour before bedtime of course when you get those lobster hands and want to eat everything in your path!  Now that hours seems to last forever!  Solution - have an early night, that's mine at the moment anyways.

I really enjoyed my minced beef and onions yesterday, then for tea I mixed up all the leftover veggies with a bit of mash and a piece of cooked salmon and did a bubble and squeak type dish by frying it all up with a little spray light and finished off with 1pp of low fat cheese, absolutely delicious for 10pp even if it didn't look great, it tasted the business.

Out for lunch today so that'll be a challenge need to remember I want a silver 7 for September, it's so easy to forget when you're out having fun and tempted by delicious food, that's when you need to remind yourself that food will be available another day after you've lost all that weight!  I'm also out for afternoon tea on Saturday so I can't afford to go crazy! 

I want to enjoy summer and #makesummermemories but they don't have to be food memories that got me fat! I can enjoy spending time with people who's company I enjoy and those I love without overeating - that's my summer mission, to make life about more than food!

Don't get me wrong, the food will play it's part, after all the stuffs delicious, but only to the point of enjoyment not to the point of affecting my weight and health and ultimately my happiness!  Yeah it's all fun and games at the time of eating until you get on the scales and see they've gone in the wrong direction, then the food you ate is forgotten, the wine you drunk has wore off and your sober and sad and heavier! 

We really need to remember the one leads to the other...

I felt my inner "sod it" trying to raise her head last night, it was about 9pm and she was talking to me quietly, it went something like this, "You're not really tired are you, why don't you have a big glass of wine, then you'll be more chilled", what she didn't add but she was thinking was "then when I've got a glass of wine in ya, I'll convince you to go have a big dirty slice of that thick seeded bread in the kitchen, you know the one, it's about 5pp a slice and I'll convince you to put butter on it to, I know it'll give you heartburn but who cares, it tastes nice - sod it!"

Yeah she can shut her fat mouth!  I realised what was going on, picked up the remote control and turned the tv off and went to bed, if only I had a remote for my inner greedy fat bitch, I'd MUTE her straight away.  I'd also put her on pause this lunchtime because I know how that internal conversation could go too!  I'll go with my I'm losing 7lb by September attitude, I'll pick up the tray at the food counter and see the puddings, I'll ooo and aaahhh over them but move across to the main, where I'll spot those great big dirty greasy delicious roasters and think well I'm not having a pudding, it's not like I eat out often, one meal won't make me fat, blah, blah, blah!  Well I'm ready for her today, she's not winning this time, she's been in charge for over a year now, she's had complete control of those types of situations, not anymore - I've taken back my power!  I'm ready for her, I know she's coming out today and Saturday, that'll be an even bigger challenge because she'll play the "it's a treat, you've never been here before and you don't see the girls that often, so you may as well make the most of it!"  Well some of what she's saying is true, I don't see the girls very often, but overeating won't make the afternoon any more memorable, no I haven't had afternoon tea there before, but I don't have to eat everything on the menu to make it enjoyable, and yes I will make the most of it, that doesn't mean over eating, it means choosing the cake and sandwiches that I'll really enjoy the most whilst enjoying a cuppa post tea and catching up with my girls and having a giggle.  When I think back to memories we've made, a few things spring to mind, coathangers, Carly Simon, Postman pat paper cups, Thanksgiving to say but a few, none of these memories were about the food, I can't even remember the food we ate on those days, I do remember having lunch at the Ivy in London, but the memory was having our photo taken in the toilets not the food we choose to eat from the menu!

So here's to silencing my inner greedy bitch and keeping her from spoiling my #WWS7Sept challenge, I'm sure I'm not the only one with a voice in my head trying to lead me astray, you up for shutting yours up too!

Here's to making it through the day in control and on track - you up for that BeYOUtiful?

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