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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Be Yourself BeYOUtiful!

30th August 2015
The closer we get to being who we are meant to be... the brighter we shine!

I had a very full and busy but lovely day yesterday, it started with my last meeting at the swimming centre, that 7 months went by so quickly, it's been a pleasure to babysit for Elle, she'll be back there next week to carry on taking care of them all.  After the meeting a handful of wonderful ladies came to help me deliver some flyers to advertise my new meeting which starts next Saturday, I've got a lovely bruise on the back of my hand from pushing flyers through doors, those letter boxes are evil!  On a positive, I did get over 18,000 steps on my pedometer though, it's been a while since I've seen a number like that!

If you're thinking about joining my new 9am Saturday morning meeting, at United Reform Church, Old Fallings Lane, Wolverhampton. WV10 8BH or any of my meetings, there's a great offer started today for new and returning members who buy a monthly pass.  Lose 10lb within the first 8 weeks and get your money back!  That first pass will cost you £14.95 and you can buy it online at www.weightwatchers.co.uk or in the meeting, the choice is yours.  That's a great offer, basically you'll be losing weight for free with the full support of a leader and your meetings!

Anyway back to yesterday, after doing all those flyers, I finally finished painting my greenhouse frame, hopefully it shouldn't need any more coats!  Once I sat down though, I flaked, we watched some tv and we both were glad to go to bed at eight, lightweights we are, but happy ones!

On the food front, yesterday was kept simple, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, a 100g packet of beef with a slice of bread for lunch and tea was sardines on toast washed down with a glass of red, oh and a WW bar, I do like those cranberry cereal bars.

Today I am going to be trying the spiraliser, I bought 3 courgettes yesterday so we're good to go, the beef mince is defrosted in the fridge ready.  I went shopping before my meeting yesterday at 7.30am and that meant I didn't have time to meander, it was a case of in, get what you really need and out, under £20, that's amazing for me!

Busy but enjoyable working week ahead, I won't let it knock me off with my healthy eating though, eggs are my favourite food at the moment, egg on toast is just the best food ever, and I've found a Dolce Gusto drink for my machine that isn't going to cost me millions of ProPoints of pounds, it's the Cortado Espresso Macchiato, 1pp per cup and although it's supposed to be an espresso I just add more water and a splash of skimmed milk at the end, it has 16 pods rather than the 8 that you get with the normal macchiato and tastes good enough for me - cheap skate ain't I!

Sunday, I love Sundays, looking forward to a day of slow, no rush to be anywhere, can work at my own pace and chill when I'm ready, feeling creative this morning so I'll get a little of my project done before heading out into the garden I think, let's hope for a bank holiday of sunshine I say.

I love that my members are focusing on the healthy and happy, realising that there's more to life that the numbers on a scales, yes weight loss is important to so many of us, but healthy is the way to go, you can be thin and unhealthy remember that, I've been refocusing on all the positive food decisions I make this last week, and I'm proud of the contents of my kitchen, it shows I'm feeding myself good, nutritious, delicious food.  Are you proud of the contents of yours BeYOUtiful, remember you're already okay, in a world where you can be anything, be yourself because you're awesome, let's focus on the healthy and happy and the weight loss will become the side effect. Xx

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