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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Already looking forward to me dinner!

4th August 2015
Alice: How long is forever?  White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.
How true is that line above!  When you're trying to resist temptation one second can really seem like forever ;) somehow I've managed to resist this week though and it's gonna be worth it when I've got that silver 7 stuck on my weigh card.  My lurgy has left me with a cracking cough so trying to eat healthy foods full of vitamins and minerals can only help the situation.

Yesterday's meals included was a bagel with mushrooms and bacon for 4pp, 2 corn on the cob 8pp, salmon, mag and veggies for 10pp, then a cheeky glass of wine.  Today and tomorrow are going to be my two wine free days, as was recommended to me last week, I can do that, I also think I need a couple of really early nights because I didn't want to get up this morning so my bodies still healing I'm guessing.

I got busy yesterday too, ran a few errands and did a bit of WW work then I cleaned my kitchen, I can see work surfaces again!  Mom tidied the living room and it turns out we has a bed settee underneath those piles of clothes!  3 rooms down, 3 to go! 

Because my kitchen was tidy it made it easier to cook so not only did I make yesterdays tea, I've already made today's dinner ready, it's an old favourite that I haven't had for a very long time, it was one of moms when we were kids; I dry fried a few onions, added a tin of minced beef with onions (I used Princes and it's only 10pp a tin)

then just over half fill the empty can with boiling water to swill out what's left in the tin and add to pan, plus oxos, 2 or 3 depending on your tastebuds.  
It's delicious served with mash and veggies, I use a mash scoop for my potatoes (2pp per scoop) 

because then it reminds me of school dinners and I used to absolutely adore the school version of this meal, heck I loved school dinners full stop!  Oh to come home to someone serving me my dinner every day these days, how fab would that be!
So my meals for today are prepared, I've got leftover salmon for tea, maybe with rice, we'll see what I fancy later.  I might have leftover minced beef and onions tomorrow on a jacket potato for my tea as I think I'm eating out at lunchtime, I'll pick wisely though as that silver 7's important to me now, I'm on this and by the time I start my new meeting at the beginning of September I'll be half stone lighter.

I'm also making an effort with fruit and can actually say, I'm enjoying oranges, I'll need to go and top up today though as I'm running out, or I could wait till tomorrow and get it all from the fruit farm when we go for lunch.

I'm getting on top of things, finding that work/life/health balance and it feels good, just got to keep up the momentum and keep making the effort - it's all about being botheredness isn't it!  It's so easy to think 'sod it' and not be bothered but when you can be bothered it really does make you feel good.  Almost as a reward it looks like the universe is blessing me with another day of sunshine which I absolutely love even if I can't sit out in it all day, I can still appreciate it.

I'm even considering giving my car a clean this afternoon whilst it's empty of my stock!  Yeah after it was pointed out to me inoculations are required after being in there, I noticed yesterday that it has got quite bad - what can I say, I'm a bit of a tramp, the floor always seems a good place to store things!  Yeah that's my today's task.  It shouldn't take that long to clear out and hoover surely?

Anyway, I'm thinking out loud (as I always do) but it's going off on a tangent, so I'm going to go get ready for work, sort my hair out, I've woke up looking like a scarecrow, a BEYOUtiful one though ;) so have a great day and remember we're making summer count!

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