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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Costa me loads of ProPoints it did!

31st January 2015
The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.

WOW last day of January (that's gone quickly) and my first day of doing a Saturday meeting and we've had snow but on the bright side the traffic on the main road looks like it's moving okay and hopefully the members will still come out, that's why I don't like snow, it keeps people indoors.

Had a good day yesterday, stomachs much improved thankfully, I got all my paperwork done by 9am, met a leader friend at ten and we walked round Bentley Bridge putting our leaflets and business cards here and there before ending up in Costa Coffee, I had a lemon muffin, oh my word, I've been wanting 'cake' for a week now and that was just perfection, just what I had in mind, I prefer muffins to sponge, I think they're more moist and this one had a dollop of lemon curd in the middle which just finished it off perfectly, it was however 13pp - OUCH!  I can make them a lot lower than that and mine are good, so that might be my plan tomorrow to bake muffins, I also need to get my hands on some 'doughnut jam' it isn't the same as ordinary jam, I don't think so anyway!   I think raspberry muffins with a squirt of jam injected into it would be epic!   Nom Nom, watch this space, and I know I can make them for half what my Costa one was!  I do fancy lemon muffins with lemon curd as well though.  

I put my fitbit on my mom yesterday to see how active she really is, she walks Alfie twice a day but we know they don't walk miles and miles, actually sometimes I think they really do because she gets lost and has to ask for directions home.  Anyway by the end of the day she'd done almost 7,000 steps, not bad at all for a 76 year old with arthritis and one leg shorter than the other and walks with a limp!  I'm proud of her because that was our rest day!  Normally on a weekday she'd be doing washing, housework and pottering.  GO MOM!

We had Facebook tracker Friday and I have seen some great trackers in my group, it really made me think before I ate! I did however make one major mistake, I'm not a regular Costa customer so I get confused by all the different coffee choices and looking at the board I saw "flat white" I assumed that was just a normal coffee with a splash of milk - WRONG!  I was so busy trying to convert a dark side member - the slimming club that shall not be named that I messed up my order.  Checked it out when I sat down and 4pp it cost me, I'd forgotten to saw skimmed milk and that mistake cost me an extra 2pp, I was surprised it was 2pp for the skimmed version to be honest.  Wish I'd ask for a black coffee and added a touch of skimmed milk myself - lesson learned.  I'd even stood in the queue looking up the ProPoints in my muffin, just goes to show, never ASSUME you know it all!

Well I never thought I'd say it but in this crazy life I have, where I work millions of hours a week and use wine to chill me out at night, I found a great alternative last night, it may make me sound like an old lady and I don't care because for an hour at tea time I became totally engrossed in moms jigsaw, I forgot about my phone, the tele, it was when mom went out to walk Alfie, I couldn't believe it had been that long when she came back.  Now I can't wait to start the next one, really chilled me out and calmed my mind. 
So the question I've been asking this week is do you choose, eat and track or choose, track and eat?  I've realised I should track before I eat because choosing doesn't mean the choice is necessarily a good one so until I've ProPointed it and counted those ProPoints, I'm maybe not getting the best for my choices, and if I don't track it first, I can easily forget what I've eaten.

Just leave you with that food for thought BeYOUtiful, have a good day.

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