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Friday, 9 January 2015

Gained weight over Christmas - you're not alone ;)

9th January 2015
Be the sat nav of your life, if you go off course, recalculate your route and get back on track. Bev James

It's been an incredible week, busy as ever and of course that's okay because I love my job and the buzz of the meetings, we've all REALLY enjoyed Christmas, I decided to total up our gains for the week, this is the total of all my members that returned this week and also came in December at least once!  The total was 800lb!  That sounds a lot but you know what after taking new members out of the equation that was only an average of just under two and a half pound per person.  I'm proud of each and every one of them because you know what, we are all Weight Watchers not just Weight Losers, we all realise this is a lifestyle change, a forever thing, we enjoyed our Christmas break, indulged, ate, drank and got merry and now we're all back to get rid of those unwanted pounds and continue our journeys.  Because we all know that the old saying "A minute of the lips a lifetime on the hips" is only true if you don't do anything about it, we did the minute on the lips over the holiday but we're not letting it stay on our hips any longer than a week or two!  January is the month we get rid of the Christmas gain and then we start to work on the rest of those pounds we no longer require.

There weren't only gains, there were losses too, yep 70lb lost, one of my lovely members achieved their 10% and one achieved her goal, lots of members maintained their weight over the holidays too, so all round I think you'll agree it was a great start to the year, 2015 we're having ya, we're going to be taking complete advantage of the next 12 months and use them to improve our health and happiness!

I managed what I like to call the Perfect 3 yesterday, I've actually only liked to call it that since yesterday when I posted my tea!  My cupboards are a bit bare, delivery is coming tonight, so I was pretty pleased to eat well, breakfast was crumpets with ham and cheese and mushrooms, dinner was chicken curry and rice and tea was steak and actifry potatoes and carrots with sweetcorn.  Alfie saved me a good few points by eating half of my steak, he's apparently my dietician who's decided to help me with portion sizes this week!  I'm feeling optimistic, enjoying being back on track and looking forward to a loss on Monday.

I'm out for lunch today, pub grub!  I'm just looking at the menu and I'm tempted by the black country faggots, now they won't be Brains ones which would only be 7pp for 2, they'll be much higher.  Ooo they do a swordfish steak, or gammon, just need to steer clear of the chips and go for a jacket maybe.   I think as I'm not a great pub grub fan I'm going to go for their skewered chicken kebabs with salad, yep sorted I won't even look at the menu again when I get there so I can't change my mind.  I just know if I have a jacket potato, I'll want loads of butter on it!  Sorted...

Now to think about tea time, but I've got loads of stuff coming so I'll be able to sort that, eggs maybe for quickness, oooo egg and beans on toast as I haven't had a slice of bread since Monday!  Mmm the simple foods are always the best.

Here's to a weekend of healthy choices, I've asked everyone this week what's the one thing you can do that you know will help you get that weight loss next week, have a think and then DO THAT ONE THING!

Happy Friday BeYOUtiful.

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