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Sunday, 1 February 2015


1st February 2015
When things go bad - don't go with them!

Where did that month go?  White rabbits and all that, here's to a great month I say #FunkyFebruary!  Why Funky well because I think that song uptown funk is just genius!  It makes me want to dance, now anything that can make me want to 'shake my thang' in February deserves being used on a daily basis, so that's why #FunkyFebruary, I plan to play that tune every morning this month to get me feeling goooooood, to get me moving about first thing and to put me in the right frame of mind, that place my head is when that songs on is where I'd like to spend all my time, it feels good, the song lifts my spirits and in February when it's cold and a bit grim, that's exactly what we need, we need some funk!  I can't even say the word without doing a little nod with my head (I'm sat down otherwise the rest of me would've joined in!)

Right back to today, well yesterday actually, I did my first Saturday morning meeting at the Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre, Planetary Road, Wednesfield, WV13 3SW, officially it's 9.30-10.30 but we start weighing at 9 because it's such a busy meeting.  Well they were all just lovely and it was good to meet so many new people, plus I've found another kindred 'wine' spirit.  I also noticed a lot of "Don't remember Dora's" nodding their heads along to my description and I think they liked me, we'll find out for sure next Saturday if they don't come back!

I was asked by one new lady "why Owls?", good question, well as my members know I have a closed group for them called happy owls but also I have a website http://www.happyowls.co.uk/ which I haven't touched for over a year (naughty) but it still has a lot of recipes on there that are usable, I think I need to get my nephew or someone on it to sort it out so it's more user-friendly for me to upload stuff.  Anyway back to why owls!  It's an acronym and stands for Happy Over Weight Ladies (or Lads), why? Because I believe you can be happy whether you're overweight or slim, I don't think your weight defines you, us overweight folk have fat we're not FAT, we have nails but we're not NAILS!  I realised I would always and forever be a happy (& healthy - that's also a most important factor in my beliefs) over weight lady because I don't want to be the BMI 25 that makes me healthy, I just don't, I'm more than happy slightly higher than that and I eat a hell of a lot healthier than a lot of what's considered 'normal weight' folk do!   So that is why I call myself and my members Happy Owls.  
So just to clarity being a Happy Owl doesn't mean I don't take care of myself or want to look and feel my best, it means that I refuse to beat myself up because I enjoy good food and wine, and find it difficult to indulge in those things and maintain what the official BMI chart tells me is an healthy weight.  According to the official BMI chart, for my height I'm overweight and if I'm honest I probably always will be! 

Yes I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, meeting on the morning, did my supermarket shop (they were soooooo busy!) then I spent a few pounds in TK Maxx (oops) and finished it off with my weekly massage at the Chi Rooms in Essington (the place I go to totally shut off from the world for a couple of hours, no phones, no contact, no noise, no questions, nothing but peace and serenity - bliss).  Mom and I chilled out for the rest of the day and had an early night.  I'm going to change my massage to Fridays because I can't be going shopping like I did yesterday every Saturday, I'll be bankrupt in a month!  Killing time is a dangerous think when you have a credit card and are buzzing from your meeting, next week I'll be going straight home after my meeting, I'll allow myself to food shop if necessary but that's all.

Today I've decided there is going to be baking (muffins, mmm & maybe banana bread), cooking (Roast Beef dinner, nom nom) and cleaning (boo!), finished off with a dose of paperwork (gotta be done!)  Yes my bestie and I aren't doing lunch tomorrow like we normally do, like mine her house looks like a bombsite, so we're going to play grownups and do a bit, she's even going to iron - I'm not going that extreme!   So I will split my paperwork over today and tomorrow which means I can spend hours in the kitchen this morning pretending to be a domestic goddess ;).

If you fancy baking too, these are the 5pp each muffins I plan to bake http://www.happyowls.co.uk/wakeupmuffins.html I'm going to somehow get jam in the middle of them too!  I needed a big syringe to do it with but couldn't find one yesterday but I'll work something out. 

Yes no lazy Sunday for me this weekend, I want to make my Fitbit proud, I wouldn't go to bed until it said 10,000 steps yesterday, I was on 9,870 when I decided to go to bed so I did the stairs a few times and walked round the house to make those last few steps up, worth it, I have 4 activity ProPoints earned on my app now, that's a 175ml glass of red covered for later!  So this working on a Saturday and getting me out and about is good for my fitbit, two weeks ago when I didn't have to go anywhere I only did 2,722 steps, just shows how easy it is to get those steps up if you've got something motivating you.

I need to shut up now don't I, I'm guessing we both have things to do, I'm going to start with the kitchen clear up I think, oh now gonna do the paperwork from yesterday's meeting first, then kitchen.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, remember to be a Happy Owl and smile xx
Go watch yourself a bit of uptown funk ;) http://youtu.be/OPf0YbXqDm0

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