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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Are you ready for a Ready Meal?

25th January 2015
Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either.  People are simple unique, incomparable.  You are You I am I.  OSHO

After my lovely blog yesterday about how me and Lynne were going to get back on it and track, I didn't! Actually I did track but let's just say it was nowhere near the numbers I was supposed to him, that was covered by the Big Mac and Fries I had for my lunch, I blame my mate Vicky for that as she keeps tagging me in Mac D pics to try and put me off them and it's having the opposite effect, it just makes me want a big mac meal! I just hadn't got the 'healthy' in me yesterday, I'm good again today - honest!

I spent the morning at the meeting I'm going to be running for 9 months, 9.30 at Wolverhampton Swimming & Fitness Centre, Bentley Bridge, It was a lovely meeting and I enjoyed watching Elle do her last meeting, a fitting one as 3 of her members achieved their goal weights, just incredible, she'll be very much missed this year I'm sure. 
I then spent a few hours shopping, bought me new pillows and checked out Aldi, got my Haggis for Dinner as today is Burns Night, nope I'm not Scottish but I do love their country and any excuse!

 I bought a ready meal from Aldi too, a Chicken Chow Mein, it was 11pp and not bad at all for £1.49, I always look and think they give a good guideline as to what you get in the Chinese takeaway. 

I pro-pointed a couple of other noodle ready meals whilst in there and one was 41pp!  OUCH!  


Both of those are 800g meals and should serve 2 people, how many people buy them and don't share them! 
Yes ready meals can be fab and they can be not so good, here are a selection I ProPointed whilst in Aldi, and the reason why I also check the ProPoints!  If you have a Farm Foods local, apparently WW meals are only 79p at the moment, and I think I saw them for 99p in Lidls yesterday too.

Jalfrezi - 14pp
 Sweet & Sour Chicken - 16pp

 Chicken Korma - 19pp
Tikka - 15pp

Well I have a good day of paperwork to get through so I'll say have a nice day!  I really do need to get some order in my office to make the paperwork easier - I'm like a broken record ain't I! 
'-) BeYOUtiful, everyone else is taken for. xx

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