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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Can't beat an afternoon of giggles

20th January 2015
The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.

We had so much fun yesterday over lunch, I had a wonderful birthday, I really did.  I can honestly say I'm never fussed about cards and presents, I never make a big thing about my birthday, it's just something that happens once a year, always on the same day in January which is a month I'm usually too busy to stop to take time out for a celebration.  That's sounds bad but it isn't honestly, it's just who I am.  Anyway we always make time for lunch almost every week and Monday is our new lunch date, so it was fab that it clashed with my birthday.  So many giggles the three of us had, it was so much fun and the food was great too, can really recommend The Mermaid on the Bridgenorth road that's the second of this chain of pubs we've been too and both were good http://www.vintageinn.co.uk/ you also get 25% off if you become their "friend" by filling in the form. This was what some of our food looked like, it wasn't all mine and yes I do like my steak rare, it's the best way! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152905822180862.1073741900.595730861&type=1&l=63167a154c

I did receive some lovely cards and gifts and lots of lovely birthday wishes on Facebook, I have to say though my set of 4 wine glasses took the prize, hand decorated by my bestie, I've never been so amused or impressed by a pressie that I can remember, they were awesome, they were rude too so it's difficult to share them, but trust me I loved them!  Oh my brother bought me a bottle of Baileys and a dress which was fab but drinking the Bailey's will probably mean the dress won't fit!  So I've just taken what's left out of the fridge and put it in the cupboard where I can't see it.  That's as safe as it'll be, if I open the fridge door and it's there, I'll be tempted to have 'just one glass'!

The beauty of giving myself permission to eat anything I want usually means I'm more likely to leave food on my page, I left all the onion rings and half the chips on the plate yesterday, I'd only had a couple of slices of ham for my breakfast and I didn't bother with tea on the night, so that meal was all I had yesterday, oh apart from lager and baileys!  But as the saying goes "It was my birthday!"

Back on track from this morning, I've got a chicken to roast for dinner, although I could pop it in the slow cooker, mmm I'll have a think.  Not sure what we're having it with but I have a kitchen full of food after my supermarket shop arrived yesterday.

At some point we need to have a corned beef hash as that was the starter yesterday and I just love that meal, plus it's so easy to make.  http://www.happyowls.co.uk/hash1.html

I've noticed a few are still finding it difficult to get back on track and they're giving themselves a hard time because of it.  Please don't, this weight loss/maintenance/eating healthy/trying to take care of yourself lark ain't easy and when things are going on in your life that are making things tough, then it's bound to affect the way you eat.  The only thing you can do is keep trying, be gentle on yourself and accept that it isn't easy.  Doing that actually does make it easier because those high expectations you place on yourself get replaced with a more realistic ideal that you are more likely to stick to and which is more likely to result in weight loss.  If you do the best you can with what you've got at any given time, that's enough.  Just do your best not to go on self-destruct using food because that will make you feel worse afterwards, we all know that.

So here's to my 45th year being as good as all the rest, lots of giggles because laughter really is the best medicine!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, smile at everyone you walk past because we noticed yesterday, there isn't enough smiling going on out there!

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