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Monday, 26 January 2015

Simple foods & slow weight loss - that'll do me!

26th January 2015
Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't want to be.

1/2lb on, I'll take that after my birthday week, I'm still on track for my 1/2lb a week target, total weight loss 1.5lb over 3 weeks.  I know most would want more but I'm enjoying my food at this time of year and I'm being lazy with my tracking, I'm hoping my meetings this week will motivate me to get back to tracking as that's our subject.

I've only just woke up, 7.44am and still in bed, that's late for me and typical I've got a 9am appointment at the doctors otherwise I could've lay there reading for a bit!  Yes a cervical screening test, not the nicest way to start the day but so important, please make sure you all have yours when you're called for them, I'll never forget Natalie telling me she'd got cancer which may have been caught sooner had she not missed one of those appointments.  The good news, after treatment she had her 9 month check up last week and alls clear.

We're normally ladies that lunch on a Monday but we're thinking of doing ladies what eat cake instead today, a nice slice of posh cake will be equal to a dinner, this is why I'm ok with the 1/2lb a week, the time passes so quickly anyway, heck look it's almost the end of January and I've enjoyed eating out all week and I'm 1.5lb lighter.  I'm in no rush, although I'm not going to lie there are days when I wake up and I want a stone off in a day!  That's usually after I've seen a full length photo of myself on Facebook, but then when I look again I realise it's not my body size that's annoying me it's my funny shaped legs and losing weight won't change them so I'll embrace the banana shaped legs and go back to being content with who I am.

Totally switching topic - we had our haggis yesterday for lunch with mashed swede and potato, Alfie loved his share, at 7pp per 100g, there was half the haggis left afer dishing up and Alfie was more than happy to step in.  Then for tea we had a fish finger cob, nom nom, 9pp of heaven that was, can't beat simple quick food.  It's definitely turning into my eat simple on quick meals this month, I'm just too busy to spend a long time in the kitchen and when I have got some free time, I don't really want to be in the kitchen, so my shopping needs to change for a few weeks.

But first I need to get to the doctors, so I'm cutting this short.

Have a great day, take care of you BeYOUtiful.

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