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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pizza, Cheesecake, with Weight Watchers you can have it all!

17th January 2015
"If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave". - Mo Willems

Had a great day yesterday, started amusingly, I was all dressed ready to go, I'd even bought a nice pair of heels, something I very rarely wear but these felt comfortable so I thought why not.  The taxi arrived and as I walked down the path the shoes were suddenly too big and were slopping up and down off my feet, realised I couldn't wear them all day so I opened taxi door, said "can you just hold on a second, I need to change my shoes", ran back to house, banged door waited patiently for mom to hobble down the stairs, ran in to get my boots, heard mom scream "Oh Alfie's escaped" followed by a few expletives!  By the time I got to the front door, Alfie dived in the taxi, trying to lick and greet the taxi driver, who's obviously not a dog person, he's absolutely scared to death and has dived out the other side of his taxi!  By the time I get to the car, Alfie's sat in the driver's seat, proud as punch, the driver has a face of doom and I'm all "I'm so sorry!"   Great start to the trip, I throw Alfie back in the house and we leave, the journey starts very uncomfortably, drivers angry, I'm apologetic, so in the end I looked at him and said, "Is it a religious thing or are you just scared of dogs?"  He replies, "Well you just never know if about dogs and if they're going to bite", I replied, "So you're just scared of dogs" and I apologised one more time and then gave up, he seemed happy enough that Alfie had 'attacked him with love' when I tipped him at the station!  So Yay good start to our trip.

Met my leader friend at the station, she'd caught the train from Liverpool, then we both got two trains to Maidenhead, where we had a sneaky bit of lunch before our meeting.  We found a lovely pizza place and we were both on track, ordering Ellipse guilt free dough pizza, both typically less than 500 calories and served with a 'naked' leaf and herb salad with red onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.  It was delicious as you can see,

To work out the ProPoints we compared it with the Leggera pizzas from Pizza Express which also come in at under 500 calories and vary between 11 - 14pp, so that was an excellent choice for a lunch out.  I noticed looking at the Pizza Express menu that they do a gluten free menu too, which is one of the Weight Watcher new approaches and good to know.

We walked into the meeting room and on the table were sandwiches and two open packet of quavers,

This was a lovely thought, they'd assumed we might not have had lunch so had supplied it and the other two in the meeting hadn't managed to fit lunch in, however I sat looking at those quavers all afternoon, well I'm just not that strong when foods that close, I dipped into that packet all through the afternoon!  And popped a packet of the sandwiches in my bag to eat on the train on the way home.  Our meeting was a success, it was great to have a look round our head office and great to meet the people I will be working on the project with, it's great because it won't interfere with me continuing in my meetings and being a leader which is what I love and have no desire to change.

I arrived home at 8.30, so 12 hours door to door and it made me realise how difficult commuting is, when we were stood in the stations waiting for the train, there were so many people eating sandwiches, burgers, sausage rolls, those quick fix foods and let's be honest the environments they're traveling through don't help, lots of coffee shop, fast food kiosks on the platforms to encourage them to eat.  These people are tired and hungry and their resistance is low, just one of the many reasons we're struggling to control our weight in this country.  Even once you're on the train, they come round with a trolley full of snack type foods, crisps, chocolate, peanuts - it's a greedy birds living hell!  I did resist but only just, if I was on that train regularly, I wouldn't be that strong I'm sure.

I did spot this lovely idea whilst having a look through face book yesterday, my mate Claire is a real talent and coming up with nom nom ideas!  Here it is;

Rocky road cheesecake - 4pp each and freezable

5 Weight Watcher biscuit bars (Claire used raspberry choc) 11pp
5 Weight Watcher rocky road bars 11pp
1 packet dream whip 6pp
120ml skimmed milk (for dream whip) 1pp
30g lighter marg 2pp 180g lightest philly cheese 4pp 9g gelatine made as per instructions 0pp

Bash biscuits, melt butter in pan and add the biscuit crumbs, mix. Line your tin with the crumb mix or line 10 individual ones. Make up dream whip whisk until stiff. Melt the Rocky road bars in the microwave once melted add the philly & mix together then add the gelatine and mix through. Add the rocky road mix into the dream whip until all combined together. Pour onto your base/bases and leave to set in fridge for a few hours. Claire would sprinkle them with grated choc.

She's a real Nigella in the kitchen, makes some incredible looking meals.  Just show's with a little imagination whether it's pizza or cheesecake you fancy, with Weight Watchers YOU CAN.

Here's to a wondeful Saturday, I shall be doing a little bit of office work but then mom and I will be spending most of the day on our living room thrones, enjoying each others company and the tv, I've bought us a jigsaw too, thought it might keep our minds active, stop the old grey matter from seizing up and also give us something to do with our hands other than eat!
Whatever you've planned, enjoy, life's short, embrace it, enjoy it and BeYOUtiful. xx

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