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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Slowly getting back on it...

10th January 2015

In the waves of change, we find out true direction.

Well I had a nice day yesterday, after getting my paperwork out of the way early, I went for lunch with my manager who's moving to another area of the business so myself and some of the leaders on the area met her for a farewell lunch, sad to be losing her but happy that's she's going on to bigger and better things.   It was half three by the time I got home so I spent the rest of the day with mom chatting and watching tele, oh and falling asleep in my chair!  My food delivery came about 7 and woke me up, so I put that away and fell asleep again, so we went to bed about 9, I wash bushed. 

Then I got wake up again at 3am, but this time I read for half hour and fell back to sleep for another hour and a half before being woke by Alfie, so at least I've had sleep of some sort. 

Got a day of office work today, so need to clear the desk first before I can start, lots of coffee to keep me going I think and I've got my Becks Blue (non alcoholic) lager for later so I can have a drink without having too many ProPoints!  Determined to get a pound loss on Monday, I'm happy with slow and steady because I do like my wine and that's what caused me to fall asleep in my chair last night I think!

Back to lunch, we went to The Fellows in Dudley (by the zoo) http://www.thefellowsdudley.co.uk it was really good, I'd looked at the menu before going and decided on Skewered Chicken Kebabs (chargrilled pieces of chicken, skewered with peppers and onions, served with Pitta bread, chunky chips, dressed salad and a mint yogurt dip).  Now for some reason when I looked at the online menu, I hadn't noticed it said 'chips' at all, so I was glad I did look at the menu when I got there, I asked them to change it for a jacket potato and they did.  I was a bit concerned about the jacket because I do like to drown them with butter, luckily it was such a good fluffy potato it didn't need butter, just a sprinkling of salt. 
So this was what it looked like;

I have to say it was not your typical pub grub, it was freshly cooked and you could tell and with my diet coke, it cost me less than a tenner, they also give you the £2 refund that you have to pay to park, bonus because a chap on the car park gave me his ticket as he was leaving, so I got his £2, result!

So how many ProPoints do you reckon?  I had guesses on my page of anything between 14 and 35!  Ouch, so this is how I broke it down, those 10g butter tubs are 2pp each, the pitta bread 4pp, the chicken I'd put as 4pp because a 165g chicken breast is that much and there was about that at most, the jacket was roughly 300g  = 6pp, and finally that yogurt stuff, probably 2 or 3pp depending on whether it was 1 or 2tbsp.  So in total the whole plate was 21pp, however I didn't use the butter so that saved me 4pp, taking it to 16pp, on Filling & Healthy I wouldn't have counted the chicken or the jacket potato and would've just taken 7pp for the pitta and dip out of my weekly allowance, proving you can eat out, make wise food choices, eat delicious food and lose weight - love Weight Watchers I do!

So 12pp for my breakfast, 16 pp for my lunch and I wasn't hungry after my couple of glasses of wine (12pp) but I did get the munchies and had three spoonfuls of peanut butter for my tea, now 3tsp of peanut butter are 5pp but when you decide you actually on track and wanting a loss you have to start being honest and so I've just been down and used my kitchen scales to zero off the weight of the spoon then I took a spoon of peanut butter like I did last night and weighed it, 

and it's 4pp in the one spoon so 12pp should cover my 3tsps of peanut butter tea!  What a waste, it wasn't even good peanut butter but I'm pleased to report the last bit in the jar is now safely in the bin!  It wasn't worth 12pp at all especially because now that means I can't  drink my 2 glasses of wine tonight.  Hey Ho, I will survive ;-)

Making daily improvements is what it's all about not perfection!  Here's to an on track weekend, I've not thought about today's food yet, I've just realised I forgot the potatoes so will need to go to a shop if I want spuds with anything, I might be able to talk mom into taking a drive today or tomorrow to poundland at Cannock to get her a few treats and I can nip in Dunelm and look at curtains whilst we're there, then stop at Co-op on way back for potatoes. Rock and Roll me! 

Enjoy your weekend BeYOUtiful, whatever your plans, remember you're losing weight for a reason, don't go off track xx

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