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Monday, 19 January 2015

I'm gonna party like it's my birthday!

19th January 2015
Every morning you wake up is another chance to get it right.

Ooo I have new betting, brushed cotton it is and getting out of bed is not what it makes you want to do in the morning, it's so warm and snuggly, I could've stayed there reading all morning and if I wasn't looking forward to going out for my birthday lunch with my besties I might have done just that, but giggles and grub are calling and that will always win!

Wow, I almost forgot to weigh myself this morning and I'm pleased to report a 1.5lb weight loss, so that's my 2015 total of 2lb which I'm very pleased with, as long as it's off and not on, it's all good.  My target is 1/2lb a week so I'm 2 weeks ahead of schedule, gives me a bit of leeway for today as I will not be worrying about the ProPoints of anything today, I'm gonna party like it's my birthday ;) because it is and other than Christmas day, my Birthday is the only other day I don't count the ProPoints in what I eat, not unless I'm doing it for the fun of it!  45 I am today, I don't feel a day over 95!  Seriously though, once you hit 40 those years just fly by, they really do.

I made a lovely Dinner last night with a Colman's sweet chilli chicken cook in the bag mix, the packet was 4pp then I added chicken pieces  (165g = 4pp) and mushrooms, roasted a few Mediterranean vegetables and served it all on top of whole-wheat spaghetti (60g = 6pp), very quick, easy and tasty.  All of it filling and healthy other than the packet mix, so either 2pp from weeklies or 12pp on a ProPoint day, worth it for sure.

I worked a good 5 hours yesterday, it's looking like Sunday is going to be my paperwork day from now on, I'm getting a routine going, then I read my book in the bath for an hour before chilling out with mom.  We started a jigsaw, she didn't seem keen at first, then suddenly she's got the box with the pieces in and I'm just an onlooker!   That'll keep us amused for a while I reckon, it sure made the time pass, it was bedtime before we knew it.

Keeping it short today, I have a birthday to get to, have a great day, Monday is always a good day for a clean slate if it's needed, here's a line drawn


Just in case you needed it to move forward xx

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