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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The time is NOW!

27th August 2014
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have to power to make it so.

Second time writing this blog this morning, computer decided to freeze and I’ve had to reboot, now to try to remember what I wrote!

So I’ve been challenged and it’s way scarier than the Ice Bucket thing, for me anyway, yesterday morning my members thought it was a fab idea to challenge me to complete my 12 week journal and told me they’d sponsor me to do so and if I did complete it they’d let me pick my favourite charity for the donation to go to!  No pressure then.  I had planned on completing it and now I know I want to because it benefits more than just me.  I finished day two yesterday, I’m trying to eat mostly filling and healthy foods but I’m ProPointing them as my initial plan yesterday was to do a ProPoints day - that changed about 9pm when I decided I wanted more to eat!

There’s a bit in the journal about ‘managing places’ and on each daily tracking page there are clock-faces to note down the times that you find yourself eating mindlessly or being too sedentary and it suggest jotting down where you are and what you are doing.  Then at the end of the week, you can look back and see if there’s a pattern to your trigger times and places.  Simply being aware of your weight loss hotspots is the first step to reclaiming control.  Armed with that knowledge you can come up with a plan for changing your routines and ensuring you are surrounded by filing and healthy food choices rather than leaving it to chance.

Already I’ve realised 9pm is a trigger time for me; I know I already knew that but you can’t beat a timely reminder to help you get on track and losing!  After all we are pressing the reset button in meetings this week.  After I’d enjoyed my glass of wine, I decided I was still hungry – was I or had the glass of wine given me the munchies, or the excuse to decide I was still hungry, mmm interesting.  I think I was actually tired and needed to go to bed, I do get up at 5am after all and work till 7.30pm, so really it was sleep I needed but instead I went looking for my mattress in my fridge!

Luckily because I’d done a Filling & Healthy friendly shop my house isn’t full of too much temptation and I opted for low calorie brown bread with a bit of Weight Watcher spread and I had a slice of luncheon meat (because it was there) for 1pp.  Because I’d tracked everything I was able to look back over the day and see that I could easily decide to make it a F&H day and take the 9pp that weren’t F&H foods from the 4 activity ProPoints I’d earned on my pedometer and the rest out of my 49 weekly allowance. 

How will I behave differently today?  I shall be going to bed at 9pm, and saving myself from the second tea I didn’t really need!   I shall also have my tea ready for myself because that was also something I didn’t do, I had leftover meat from lunch but didn’t have anything to go with it!

I have some beef left so I’m just googling beef and broccoli as I have some of that which needs using too, lots of recipes with lots of ingredients, maybe I’ll have a play! I’ve also bought scallops as they were on offer so I’m going to attempt to cook them for the first time ever, wonder if I’ll have the patience to cook them teatime or if the dates ok on them I could save for tomorrow. 

Right I need to get started on the paperwork ready to get ready for my meeting, but first a hot shower to wake and warm me up, it’s foggy out there this morning, Autumns come early! 

Here’s to a great day BeYOUtiful make it work your way. xx

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