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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ice, Ice Baby!

24th August 2014
Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.
To say my pc is on a go slow is an understatement, over 30 minutes it’s taken to finally allow me to start typing, just kept saying (not responding), that’s not annoying at all!  Anyways it’s working for the moment, but I thinks I need to do a defrag or something, I really don’t want to be having to buy a new computer.

What a fantastic day I had yesterday, I even started it with a tiny wee bit of housework to ease me into the idea of more of it today, new clean bedding and a bit of a sort in the kitchen, thinking of getting the Hoover out today and cleaning my bedroom window! 

Back to yesterday though because that’s much more fun, had a fabulous afternoon of giggles and good food, scallops mmm nice for starter followed by fish cakes, I didn’t bother with dessert as I was fun from the other two courses and we really were giggling too much to care about cake. 

You may have heard all about these ice bucket challenges!  Well I was nominated earlier in the week and I said no and made a donation to MacMillan charity instead, but yesterday I got nominated again and I knew I would keep getting nominated until I did it, so that’s what we did teatime after our lovely afternoon, here it is (please don’t watch if you don’t like bad language because my tourettes escaped a little bit);

Whether your preferred charity is ALS or MacMillans, whether you agree with this craze or not so far it’s raised a ridiculous amount of money for charity and isn’t that what matters, so if you laughed at mine, please text

For Macmillan text ICE to 70550 to give £3 to Macmillan.

For MND (ALS) text ICED55 followed by an amount (such as £3) to 70070

So yes we had a lovely day and raised a little bit of money for charity too, so all good in the end and looking out of the window today looks like it may be promising weather wise too, so a little bit of gardening and I’ll still get the hoover out beforehand!  Ooo could I start the clean someone else’s house challenge, if I start it I just get to nominate and I won’t actually have to do it!

I’m cooking a proper Sunday roast beef dinner today, forgot to pick up the yorkies, but at least that’ll save me a ProPoint or two, mmm can’t wait, actually is it too early to start cooking it now?

I’m off to get my day started, whatever you’ve got planned enjoy, I won’t be able to top yesterday but I’ll still make today a good one.

Focus on the healthy & happy BeYOUtiful!

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