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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Domestic Goddess - only temporarily!

31st August 2014
You always have time for the things you put first.

Oh my word, I earned 3pp (12,000 steps) on my pedometer yesterday doing housework!   And I only got the downstairs done, so upstairs in on the cards today, although I do have some gardening to do so we shall see how fast I can get my bedroom sorted, my office may be a different day project!   We threw away so much junk, it’s very therapeutic throwing stuff out – you only need so many gloves when you only have 4 hands in the house!  Mom must have a couple hundred black socks!  I keep buying dishcloths because I don’t think we have any as their not in the drawer that we keep them, turns out moms been putting them in another place and we have about 20 of them, not to mention a trillion carrier bags oh and bits of scrap metal she collects to give the scrap man whilst walking the dog but always forgets where she puts it – solution = she’s getting her very own ‘scrap metal’ tub in the porch so it doesn’t have to come in the house.

Food wise, still on track, did Filling & Healthy yesterday, we had salmon, Actifry chips and corn on cob for lunch and I just had a couple of crumpets for tea as I wasn’t really hungry – that doesn’t happen very often!  It’s because I’m acknowledging my excuse eating, I’m asking myself ‘am I hungry’ or ‘am I just eating because I can’.  Today’s the last day of week 1 of my journal, I will make it to the end of week 12, this week I’ve managed to do every error that would normally concern me, writing in different inks, crossings out, changing from PP to F&H halfway through the day and making a total mess of the page and I’ve got it out my system, it’s okay not to have the perfect journal, we’re not perfect so why should our tracker books be! 

Chicken for dinner today, will make a proper dinner with loads of veggies and some gravy mmm, delivery is on order and I will start next week’s order this morning so I don’t get caught out with an empty fridge which is what usually happens and that’s when I veer off track.  Getting organised is what I’m doing and making myself a priority, that’s what this week’s meeting is all about too “Time for Me” sounds like a great idea but I bet you’re thinking I haven’t got time for anything lately, when you haven’t got time that’s when it’s most important to find it anyway. 

Keeping it short this morning because I’m full of energy again and I want to go get started!

Make Sunday count BeYOUtiful, have a great day. xx

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