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Friday, 22 August 2014

Getting my happy on....

22nd August 2014
What are the most powerful words in the universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself. -  Karen Salmansohn

I have said it before but I’m saying it again, I have the best members in my meetings, I love that we all feel safe enough to feel we can talk about anything and everything without judgement and that’s what we do because we all realise a weight loss journey is about so much more than food.  I’m very proud of how all my members support each other, it’s a privilege to be a part of each and every one of their journeys, it really is.

Okay yesterday I suggested we got excited about getting healthy, I’m liking this idea a lot, I managed to not snack all day which is a huge accomplishment on a Thursday night, so I’m feeling good this morning and ready to do battle with the weekend.  

Here’s one reason why it’s a great idea to change they way you look at weight loss, Debbie who came to get weighed last night has lost 24lb so far, when she joined she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes controlled by medication and they thought she had ceoliac disease, last night she told me that they’ve now re-run all her bloods and tests and her blood pressure and cholesterol are both back to normal, they stopped her medication because her diabetes is now gone and she doesn’t have ceoliac after all it’s just a case of ibs.  What great news is that and shows that weight loss doesn’t make for a healthier body if you do it in a healthy and happy way!

My mission is to get through the weekend on track and in control because I’m getting healthy and I’m going to enjoy it, I’m going to do some meal planning and make me a shopping list, think I’ll have an online delivery to ensure I only buy what I need.  We’re out for lunch tomorrow but that’s all in hand, I’m having scallops for starter because that’s Filling & Healthy, I with either have chicken or steak for main I think and I may indulge in a chocolate brownie for dessert or I may not bother with pudding if I’m full, after all it’s not like I haven’t had a brownie before.

I’m thinking a no meat day today, I’m going to turn into a chicken if I eat anymore I think, I had delicious ox tail yesterday made for me by my amazing member Rosemarie – wow can she flavour food and cook a mean meal, she is seriously good!  So yes meat free Friday for me, I’ll need to go and think that one through in the kitchen, already thinking corn on the cob and also have spaghetti for one meal too. Of course there’s always the ultimate veggie meal – egg, beans and chips!

I cooked the Hairy Bikers korma yesterday using their new packet mix, I wasn’t that impressed, I’ve put it in the fridge, mom can have it if she fancies today, or I’ll throw it in freezer for another time, it’s a bit tasteless I think.

I have a feeling that this weekend’s going to be a good one, I’ve already decided it’s that time of year again, yes bank holiday so it’s time for me to clean my house from top to bottom again, it’s been a while and the forecast isn’t great so that’s a good time to be a domestic goddess because if it’s hot outside, the garden comes first and the house will end up waiting again!  Yep Sunday it’s a date me and my Hoover and duster and maybe, just maybe the iron!   Don’t hold your breath for that last one though.

Right off to do my work stuff then my Friday day of rest can begin about 10.30 today, earlier than normal but it’s got to be done now and again!

Here’s to a fab weekend BeYOUtiful, get happy about getting healthy…

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