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Friday, 1 August 2014

#HealthySelfie & here's to an Awesome August

1st August 2014
Attract what you expect.  Reflect what you desire.  Become what you respect & mirror what you admire.

Another great week, 410lb lost, another marvellous month, 2,172lb and the year weight loss total for my members is now at 14,529lb!  How absolutely incredible are my lot, I’m the proudest leader in the world, each and every one of my members is doing the best they can to focus on the healthy and happy (including myself).

Yesterday we decided to make it a “YAY” day and focus on the positive health choices we were making, then in my morning meeting we decided to make it tracking Thursday which is going to last for the week, I’m up for an awesome August are you, weight loss in August, why not, I was the month I achieved goal back in 2004, so it can be done! 

I’m going to track every day this week and post it on Facebook, I’m hoping that will make me think twice!  Now I posted last nights a little prematurely, I hoped that was going to be the end of my consumption but it wasn’t, I ended up having a second glass of wine and pinched a slice of mom’s pizza, I was over the moon it only worked out at 4pp though!  So this is the updated version;

Luckily I’d earned 6pp on my pedometer, so I’ve used those and also 9 of my weekly allowance, hey ho, at least it’s a start.  I also had a comment that I’d had a lot of eggs, I try not to eat the same food twice a day but when I got home yesterday after a 12 hour day, I’ve also not had a day off this week, I worked Sunday at that car boot and have done 12 hours every day since, so last night I was shattered and wanted something really quick, eggs and beans stopped me having a chippy tea – I do love my eggs ;-).  Out of curiosity I’ve just googled it and according to the department of health there is no recommended limit on how many eggs people should eat. But to get the nutrients you need, make sure you eat as varied a diet as possible.  I’m happy with that, they’re an excellent source of protein and also a source of Vitamin A, D and B2. 
Today sees the launch of the “Healthy Selfie” #HealthySelfie will raise money for Diabetes UK a great cause, The idea of #HealthySelfie is to bring some fun to Move More and celebrate non-scales victories which as we know are just as important as weight loss at the scales. Let’s all join in to encourage us all to start moving more and celebrate getting active, if we can raise a bit of money at the same time, even better!  


1. Take a quick #HealthySelfie whilst you're Moving More – whether it's a gym session or a brisk dog walk – and post it to Facebook or Twitter.
2. Share your #HealthySelfie picture using the hashtag #healthyselfie in your post and tagging @Weight Watchers UK  on Facebook or @ww_uk on Twitter.
3. Then text HEALTHY to 70060 to donate £1 to Diabetes UK. Every pound helps!

Don't forget to nominate someone else to do it too! 

Okay I’m off to get my paperwork done, I have lots to get ready before the Bloxwich carnival tomorrow, hoping you’ll pop along and say hello!

Here’s to an Awesome August BeYOUtiful, let’s make a difference.

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