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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My mojo is in motion!

20th August 2014
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today!

5am, dark and looking for my hoodie because it’s chilly (9 degrees) - bring back my summer now please, I’m not ready for autumn in August!  Great day yesterday in meetings 153lb lost, two of my BeYOUtiful ladies achieved their goal, Tracey having been on a two week all inclusive holiday and returned 4lb lighter, I think that proves Weight Watchers isn’t a ‘diet’ it’s a lifestyle!   June also hit her goal weight last night having lost 4 stone, incredible weight loss and great to see her so happy!  Yes yesterday was a good day even if we did have to put the heating on at the church for the first time this summer!

I’m still trying to decide whether to cook my beef in the oven or the slow cooker!  Might cut the joint in half, do one half in the slow cooker and if they ain’t great do the other half at the weekend in the oven, not like me to be indecisive at all.

I need to get some organisation back into my personal life, my work life is sorted at the moment, I’m on top of it all but my personal side has took a bit of a back seat whilst I’ve had a busy work month.  I’ve managed to chill out really well when not working but I’ve not managed to get any order in my house, or with my diet, I need to get my “plan on”!  I hadn’t got tea planned when I got home last night, which can become very dangerous, luckily it wasn’t I had Weight Watcher pittas so it was all good, but I need to sort my planning out, I need to do a shop think it’ll be Asda this week cos I’m a bit skint and it’s also close to my venue so I can nip in, stock up on veggies mainly.  I’m thinking F&H apart from Saturday when I go out for lunch, although I may be able to make that filling & healthy to be honest, I will check out the menu and see what I can do. 

Yeah a meal plan is necessary, I will go down for 20 minutes after finishing this blog and look at what I already have and what I need, my mojo has returned and I mean business, I want a weight loss again next week, me and my members are doing this!

I’ve just found these meal plans on the WW website too http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=57481 and there’s even a shopping list with them.  Hopefully they’ll give me some ideas as I’m getting a bit same-ish and lazy in the kitchen and need to get some life back in my food.

It’s all coming back to me as I type, meal ideas, ingredients I need, see I hadn’t forgotten, I’ve just been busy and got a little boring with it all the last few weeks.  For breakfast I’m thinking baked beans, crumpets (or low cal toast), egg, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Lunch will be salmon, just need to take it out of the freezer, and tea mmm might go for stuffed peppers and I can get them ready earlier and have them ready to ping when I get home. 

Right if I want to get all this and my work sorted I best get off this computer, so here’s to a fantastic day, eat gorgeous, focus on the healthy and happy and of course BeYOUtiful. xx

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