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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Love my simple life I do...

5th August 2014
Isn’t it funny how day to day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different. C S Lewis

We had an unplanned lovely day yesterday, I had planned to work all afternoon once we’d been to the dentist, instead because mom seemed in the mood and agreed we ended up at the garden centre café where mom indulged in a slice of cake and I opted for a bowl of chicken soup, then we bought a few plants which I spent the afternoon putting in, It was a lovely day which we both enjoyed.  Work can be caught up on, days like that can’t be replaced so I will always grab them with both hands when moms feeling well enough.

It was quite funny seeing people’s faces in the café as I ordered cake because I was wearing my Weight Watchers vest tshirt which says “my members have lost 14,520lb so far this year”, they were looking at me with that “you’re having cake” face, I wasn’t but even if I was, we’re allowed, it happens whenever I eat out and I know it happens to my members, people say things like “you shouldn’t be eating that”, mmm yeah I should.  That’s the beauty of successful long-term weight loss, it’s all about balance, there isn’t anything you can’t have, as long as you don’t go overboard. 

Slept till my alarm this morning, that’s unusual, I’m usually up before it goes off, so that shows I need an easier week this week after my crazy busy 8 day week last week or a few early nights.  I’m working for a few hours Saturday, other than that I plan to chill.  Can’t wait for a totally work free weekend!  But it doesn’t look set to be this month.

I’ve got a Teddy Bears picnic arranged for Monday 18th August for some of my members and their kids, thought it would be a good way of socialising with each other whilst keeping the kids occupied over the summer holiday, that’s on my “to do” list, sorting that out.  Yeah definitely need to recharge my batteries.

I’ve noticed I have a monthly cycle of energy levels and this is the week when it’ll be the lowest, I’ll still get everything done, just not with as much speed.  Ensuring I’m eating well helps boost those energy levels; we certainly did that yesterday, I had some mackerel on a thin for breakfast (brain food!), a bowl of soup for lunch followed by a chicken dinner later which I’d wanted because I’d smelt next doors on Sunday and it smelt delicious! We had lots of veggies, carrots, swede, onions, broccoli, and to be honest I didn’t think about food at all yesterday until I realised it was meal time and we should eat.  I do love the sunshine because I lose all sense of time in my garden, the day just whizzes by.

Going back to earlier and the whole “you can’t have that” mentality, depravation doesn’t work, it’s a fast track to failure because we want what we can’t have, we think about what we’re trying to not have and then we end up having too much of it because we get obsessed.  I find if I fancy something, allowing myself to have a bit, stops me eating loads of it.  Saturday at the carnival there were two ladies on another stall selling another weight management system that involves gel, capsules, tablets, shakes and a tape measure!  I had a lovely chat with them and explained I like my food way too much, they replied I could have one meal a day as long as it was under xx amount of calories, to which I explained I like to eat throughout the day, it’s something I enjoy and wouldn’t be willing to give up for a quick fix because we all know quick fixes don’t work.  I know a few people who have tried this particular option and similar and they’ve all put the weight back on – why?  Because it’s not real life, it’s not enjoyable and our minds will not purposely encourage us to do something that’s not enjoyable it it’s too unpleasant especially when there are much easier, way more enjoyable ways of doing something!  Fads, a different on comes along every year and disappears just as fast, I’m glad I chose Weight Watchers which has been going strong for 51 years, since Jean launched it back in 1963. 

Anyway I need to get a wriggle on, shower to have, clothes to find, car to load, members to weigh, I love the simplicity that is my life.

Enjoy yours too BeYOUtiful.

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