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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rain, rain go away! Come back another day....

2nd August 2014
You cannot be duplicated or copied – your individuality is what makes you BeYOUtiful – let it shine!

You gotta love the British weather, last weekend scorching, today raining and I’ve got Bloxwich Carnival to get to!  Hey ho, I’m not made of sugar, I won’t melt, I’ll have a bit umbrella and a waterproof if needed.  The organisers have put so much time and effort into this day that everyone should make an extra effort to turn up, there’s the crowning of the Carnival Queen , acrobat act, dog display and the huge fair, yeah it’ll still be a good day, and I’ve had tshirts printed that we need to wear, plus my new hoodie, this is it;

Made locally by http://www.armkandi.co.uk/ they’re also on facebook, go like their page https://www.facebook.com/armkandi.co.uk they’ve said I can take it back at the end of every month and have the next months weight loss added on, how cool is that!  

Right to the diet, it’s a crazy busy week this week so starting a tracker was essential, especially as I knew if I didn’t then I’d go off track, sharing it with everyone on facebook has meant I’ve thought before I’ve eaten!  Yesterday I only had a few plums for breakfast and then rushed around all morning, I stopped to have my massage at 11 which as always was incredible, it’s my weekly treat and I love it, she sorts out all my achy muscles, actually I’ve bought tickets off her this week to go see her daughter play at the Civic, Rose Redd https://www.facebook.com/rosereddmusic it’s this Thursday, have a listen to her, she’s great!  Here’s an example of her talent, http://youtu.be/-GQGOPl41Ok?list=UUnMiuRB1F_2I_9GdnyYEZvA
A lot of people might not agree, but I think Wolverhampton is a great place to live full of some amazing people and it’s important to use and support local businesses to keep the community alive.  Anyway I’ll get off my soapbox ;-) 

I’ve got to stay in control today, it’s going to be a long one, I shall make me a good breakfast, bacon medallion and egg on brown thins I think, that’ll keep me going for a good while then, I can take a bit of fruit with me, and maybe make a sandwich, a lot of bread products I know but there’s not much else I’ve got time to sort out now and it’s better than grabbing a burger off a stand I guess. 

I’ve got some chicken in the fridge for when I get back, thinking chicken and chips in some form or other – see planning, it helps!  I’ll be shattered when I get home later so need to have something ready, ooo barbeque chicken I think, there’s a cook in the bag, that’ll be perfect, we’ll see.  

I’m rambling this morning ain’t I!  I’m going to get off and get ready for my busy day, I want that breakfast…

Whatever you’re doing today, stay on track, remember it’s Awesome August we’re having BeYOUtiful. Xx

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