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Thursday, 21 August 2014

I'm so Excited!

21st August 2014
Change is a challenge, which both excites the soul, and frightens the body. AML

I am loving my slow cooker!  Yesterday I nipped into the Co-op on my way home and they had huge chicken reduced to £4 so I plonked it in the slow cooker on top of carrots, onions and sliced potatoes, I’d sprinkled a chicken oxo cube over the potatoes and I also added 3 chorizo sausage I had for flavour, put it on for 8 hours and it was cooked to perfection when I walked in the door and delicious, literally 5 minutes after getting home, I had my dinner on a plate, love this idea and think it’s the solution to my evening meals.

Yes let’s get excited about getting healthy shall we!  Don’t see it as a chore, losing weight isn’t something you have to do, getting healthy and happy is something you want to do and losing weight will be the side-effect of that!  Energy is contagious you know, both positive and negative alike so let’s surround ourselves with people giving out plenty of positive energy, and why don’t you start by being the source of yours!   Think for a moment; are you good to be around, do people feel good after they’ve spent time in your company?  If you were to meeting yourself from someone else’s point of view what would you come across like?  Would that person be wanting to stay longer and chat or would they be doing everything they could to get away from you?  Are you a positive or a negative source of energy?  More importantly are you happy with the person you are, if not are you ready to make changes, are you excited to make those changes whether they’re to do with your physical health or your emotional health or something else, come on let’s do this.

Weight loss is for life not just for Christmas so instead of focusing solely on what we can lose by Christmas let’s focus on what we habits we can change, thought patterns we can amend, things we can alter or move around and new routines we can put in place that will help us to lose weight and keep it off – let’s make this permanent, let’s change our relationship with food forever for the better.  Since deciding my love of food wasn’t the issue, I’ve had much more success with controlling my weight than I ever did when I thought it was the enemy! There ain’t no such thing as a ‘bad’ food, it’s how you behave around it, you can have your cake and eat it if that’s what you want and if you actually sit and pay attention to your chosen treat whether it’s cake, pie or a glass of wine, you enjoy it more and you feel good for having enjoyed it whilst including it in your plan knowing that you will still get that much wanted weight loss on the scales, yes let’s get excited about weight loss!

Get excited about finding solutions!  What do you find challenging when you’re trying to lose weight?  Don’t say “FOOD”, that’s the most common answer that I get, it isn’t true.  When you think about it, food covers everything you eat and I doubt very much that any of us find salad a challenge!  And even if by ‘FOOD’ we mean our favourite, for example chocolate, we don’t tend to find it a challenge all the time, every minute of the day, it’s unlikely to be a problem as soon as you get out of bed, if someone said do you want a bar of chocolate at 6am, most wouldn’t find it a challenge to say no.  Therefore the challenge is more about situations and emotions than ‘FOOD’ itself, so really think about that question, for me, my challenge at the moment is remembering that I want to lose weight at the weekend!   Yep, I want to lose a few pounds but come the weekend that thought evades me and my desire to eat and drink overrides my desire to lose weight, which is why I’m changing my focus and instead I’m going to GET EXCITED ABOUT GETTING HEALTHY!

Yeah I’m finding a solution to my problem, are you ready to do the same?  I hope so, here’s to a healthy day BeYOUtiful, time to take care of you. xx

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