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Monday, 18 August 2014

If you go down to the woods today :)

18th August 2014
The way you start your day determines how well you live your day. Robin Sharma

My hope for a dry day is out the window by the looks, the noise of the rain actually woke me up at half five, that and being hot, now I’m not sure if that was the temperature or I’m flying into the early stages of menopause and I can start looking forward too!  So here’s to a fun ‘indoor’ Teddy Bears picnic, who needs a bouncy castle I say!  We’ll have fun regardless I sure, I have put together goody bags that will keep them entertained wherever we sit and we have pass the parcel, I’m just hoping theirs a spare bag left for me, because I want a teddy bear mask, mmm I just might print one out for me.

I must remember to get the Express & Star today; hopefully we’ll have made it into there celebrating my members’ weight loss this year following the Weight Watchers plan, can’t wait to see, I’m so very proud of them all.

I was just doing a bit of googling and I came across an old blog of mine which had this link on

I’ve made myself stop for 2 minutes; it was difficult I’m not going to lie because I do have so much to do this morning, making jam sandwiches for 30 kids being one of those things and I have to say stopping for those 2 minutes and just breathing made me realise it all gets done, it also made me think, ‘WOW 2 minutes is a really long time when you’re doing nothing”, try it and actually do nothing!  It’s really difficult, especially because we are such a multitasking breed now.  When I went to see Wicked at the weekend, normally I would be taking loads of photos and checking my phone constantly but I made a conscious effort not to do that, I did as I always do take photos of my meal (food porn!) but other than that I left the phone well alone throughout the night.  I know I did well because the battery life was still above 70% when I got home; it’s usually down low when I’ve been out and about.  Yes we’re always so damn pre-occupied and need to be in the moment more, I really need to start practising this for sure, I’m guiltier than most.

Lost a pound this morning, it was the pound I gained last week but at least it’s gone again, I’m still tracking 100% and it’s really making a difference because it’s stopping me from pretending it didn’t happen!  I have a joint of beef to cook but as I’m out all afternoon, I might need to save it, not sure, wonder if it would be nice cooked in the slow cooker, or do I put the chicken I have in there instead?  I had one of those £5 coupons for Morrison’s meat so bought 3 chickens and portioned two of them up and have left one whole, the beef was half price in Sainsbury’s so I fancy a proper cooked dinner I think with loads of veggies, need to check the date it may have to wait, we’ll see.  I’ve gone off in my own head here can you tell, I’ve forgot that other people read this and I’m just writing my thoughts as I’m thinking them like I’m having a natter with my mate in the kitchen.  That is actually how I write my blog every day just sometimes I realise it I guess!

We had a very lazy day yesterday, it was lovely, I don’t think my backside left my armchair very much at all from lunchtime, I did spend the morning doing the goody bags and stuff but after that there wasn’t a lot of movement at all, I do love a lazy day in front of the tv even when what you’re watching isn’t really worth watching.  I seriously need to turn my house upside down and find my kindle then I could read a book!

Oh my goodness, how spooky is that, I’ve just turned round in my seat, I don’t even know why I did it, I think I was surveying the mess and there are both my kindle and my camera which can I add have been missing for 2 weeks, both on my desk by the window!  How come I couldn’t see them before – who knows but I’ve just had a battle with a blue bottle to get him out of the window and out of my office and why doing so things have got moved about in the mess and the kindle and camera have appeared through the mess!  Fabulous!  So pleased, I had said they’d turn up and I wasn’t going to get myself all worked up searching the house trying to find them and they have.  I love the universe I do; it has such a great sense of humour.  Can use my camera today now to take great pics of the kids having fun!

Right I’m off for a shower and then making jam sarnies (half with butter and half without as there was a very obvious divide when I asked the question on facebook as to whether to add butter or not!) the skies clearing so you never know we may get to sit outside even if we don’t have the bouncy castle!

Here’s to a great day BeYOUtiful, ours is going to be a fun one, make yours what you will.

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