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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Where do you wish you were going today?

Sunday 7th February 2021
Don't give up on the person you're becoming!

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 189lb
I've already lost - 11lb 
Yesterday I stepped 7524 times 
I covered 3.2 miles 
I burned 2122 calories  

I consumed calories
I was active for 41 minutes 
I slept 7 hours 45 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 133.14 left to walk = 866.86

My 3 good things;

1) Looking back through my facebook photos & remembering some adventures I've had.

2) Watching The Masked Singer with my Facebook friends.

3) A good natter on zoom.



I'm all for bit of escapism at the minute!  After all reality is a bit sucky! Mom's deteriorating daily, I never know what to expect so yes a little bit of escapism is definitely important.  Yesterday that came in the form of going through my photos and reliving in my imagination some of the amazing things I've done in the past and also watching the Masked Singer and virtually chatting to facebook friends about it whilst watching, really enjoyed it.

Rather than focus on yesterday or what could happen today or this week, let's spend Sunday morning using our imagination to cheer ourselves up, here's some questions you can ask yourself to find out a bit more about yourself;

- What are the things you'd do if you weren't scared to?
- Where are the places you go in your mind when you want peace and quiet?
- What would your perfect day look like?
- What are all the things that makes you amazing?
- What makes you laugh?
- What qualities do you like most about yourself?
- Who are the people that love you for who you are?
- What are the best gifts you've ever been given?
- What are the things you can't live without? 
- What are the ways you've changed for the better?
- What are the things you want to do before you die?
- How would you like to change your life for the better?
- What are you favourite movies and the songs you love that you know all the words too?
- What are the quotes that inspire you most?
- What's the nicest thing anyones every done for you?
- What were the most important turning points in your life?
- What are all the foods you'd eat if they had no calories? (this is my fav lol) 

When you've done that, how about thinking about some habits we can work on to be happier...

- Drink enough water every day.
- Make a habit of moving more. 
- Take time for basic self-care. 
- Listen to your body's energy cues. 
- Get out into nature. 
- Stay away from screens for 30+ minutes before bed.
- Get enough sleep.
- Try cooking from scratch more. 
- Go for a walk. 
- Practice gratitude. 
- Use affirmations for positive self-esteem.
- Set boundaries with yourself and those around you.
- Spend time with your loved  ones. 
- Give yourself things to look forwad too. 
- Replace negative self-talk with self-love statements. 
- Find a creative hobby. 
- Look in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are. 
- Fill your cup before pouring into others. 
- Set an intention or goal for the day. 

Just typing those things has made me feel a little more positive this morning, the place I go to in my head when I need to escape is the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, I love that area of the world and would live there if (ooo I was gonna say if it wasn't for my job because that was my main barrier before), I don't know if I'd want to move away from my friends, but they could visit!  I like my house, but I wouldn't say not to lots of holidays there when I can, spending a week in different areas and exploring each one on foot, not trying to cover the 180 miles in x amount of days.   The scenary is stunning and it has so many good memories for me for sure.  We've had so many holidays there and spent lots of Christmas's there, some just me and mom some with others.  Such good memories.

Today though, I'll settle for a walk with the dog ;) and look forward to the future.

Oh and re food, I tried the Slimming World frozen chips from Iceland yesterday, nah, wouldn't buy them again, give me a few of Aunt Bessies or McCains instead.  I'm going to try and hide in the kitchen for a bit today to have a break from mom, she refused to go to be last night, she hates the Masked Singer so does her best to spoil it for me, moans all the way through it.  Hey Ho lol, in my head I'm climbing a mountain with my brother like this....

or walking along a coastal path.

Wherever you are in reality or in your head today, enjoy xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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