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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

I make no apologies for being emotional right now!

Wednesday 10th February 2021
Gratitude changes everything!

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 189lb
I've already lost - 11lb 
Yesterday I stepped 6380 times 
I covered 2.72 miles 
I burned 2041 calories  

I consumed cleese and onion cob and pizza calories
I was active for 31 minutes 
I slept 7 hours 29 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD = 142.45 left to walk = 857.55

My 3 good things;

1) People - having people in my life! Even if virtually!

2) My laptop - I rely on it so much.

3) Broadband - because I wouldn't be able to be in contact without it.




I've had some sleep at least thankfully, although there were a few 'where am I', 'I need to go home' moments and boy is she loud when she wakes - it scares the bejesus out of me!  She's very scared at the moment of everything and with fear comes anger and frustration, I can't even pretend this month, it's bloody horrid in this house and I've shed a few tears, some of them publically on a work zoom - I make no apologies for being an emotional human being right now and neither should anyone else.

Having said that, I'm okay and I'm doing my best to focus on the positives and the future.  At least I'm getting to talk to others with my work although I haven't done as much this month purely because of mom, but I want to, so I'm going to get my mojo back today.

The incentive for Partners at UW this month is FOOD!  Well that's a no brainer isn't it, I'm all about the food and I want some of that.  Because FOOD puts me in a GOOD MOOD but seriously did you know GOOD FOOD can really help to put you in a GOOD MOOD.

It's true so although the food I ate yesterday made my inner greedy bitch smile, cheese and onion cobs and pizza didn't really do much for my body!  The food I could win this month by signing up customers comes from Mindful Chef https://www.mindfulchef.com/ and they rightly tell us that eating well can have a big impact on your body, your mood and your energy levels. Good food will help:

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Diet plays a huge role in th quality of your sleep, which in turn affects fatigue and mood.

  • Avoid that mid-afternoon slump. Eating good food will help your energy levels stay constant throughout the day, and keep you energised for your appointments.

  • Power your new-found passion for exercise. After being active, your body is going to need some fuel. Diet is key for helping your body recover after exercise and avoid injury.

  • Keep stress at bay. Studies show that a balanced diet lowers risk of anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Put a smile on your face. Who doesn’t love sitting down with a plate of tasty food? And that smile can translate through to your meetings with team members and prospects.

And to top it all off, Mindful Chef are sustainable too! They work with a close knit group of British farmers to provide ingredients that are not just fresh, but also good for the planet.

I'm going to put this into play today, have a healthier food day full of veggies, a little fruit, ooo some fish I think, let's see if I notice the difference in my mood.  Although I would think it'll take longer than a day to have an effect. Having said that, just knowing I'm doing it will make me feel better, when I take care of myself, I feel better straight away.

Mom had her first covid vaccination jab yesterday, no side effects thankfully, she was being a twat before she had it and that continued after!  

Mmm fish, mash and veggies, I'm looking forward to that already, eggs for breakfast with some mushrooms and maybe baked beans cos they're one of my five a day and I've not had them for a while.  I wish I could get mom to eat some real food, she lives on crisps at the moment!  It's not good but you can't argue with her, how the woman hasn't got diabetes is beyond me.

Okay changing the subject, I know talking about bills really is boring but PLEASE check your gas/electricity, you have to have seen the news about energy hikes, we're using more energy this last year than the year before because we're stuck at home, talk to me, have half hour, hell once we've looked at your bills I'll even give you a free coaching session lol.  I signed a chap up last night and he was didn't even think about it, just said - sign me up!

Anyway, I'm off to make today matter!  Another cuppa needed, moms snoozing again, so maybe I'll get an hour of calm before the day really starts. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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