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Saturday, 13 February 2021

My crazy stupid life x

Saturday 13th February 2021
Even on your bad days, be kind. 

Well yesterday turned out to be quiet a day!  I was expecting the bed for mom next week so Dan was coming yesterday afternoon to help move stuff ready, then at about half eleven, the bed turned up!  So there we were will a bed in the middle of the living room - chaos.  The conversation repeatedly until Dan arrived was, 'were's it going? who's having the settee? who's having the side board? is it empty, are they paying you for it?  Then once they'd moved everything, which was quite the challenge, the questions stopped and the statements started.  'you needed make it up, I'm not sleeping in it! I'm not sleeping in that! Will you take me home now!'  Happy days...

She has slept in it thankfully, well until she woke me at half two, the noise she made I thought she'd fell out of it but she hadn't thankfully, she was just disorientated, but we got her to the bathroom and back into bed but guess who was left wide awake!  Yep I'm on the settee in my bedroom, it's half three, can't go back to sleep.  Hey Ho! 

My house is a mess, because of moving stuff around and getting rid of cupboards I now have clothes in bags, wool in boxes, I can't actually get in my office, I need to work out where everything is going to go but also I can only do it a bit at a time because she won't let me be out of the room for too long.   It'll all get done in time, it's not like I'm need clothes at the minute, wearing the same things over and over, so they can stay in bags for a bit. 

On a positive,helped a couple of customers save money yesterday and you may have seen my post on Facebook yesterday saying that, when I joined UW back in September, they talked about the incentives, the holidays and I just said, 'meh, I can't go on holiday, haven't been on one for 8 years because of mom so I set my focus on the Fortnum & Mason hamper! Fast forward to now and it looks like by default of all my hard work I've only gone and achieved the Maldives Spring 2022 holiday. I have no idea if it's even going to be possible for me to go but I'm just blown away by all the support I've been given by everyone in my new venture. I love my boss (P.S. I work for myself
🤣) Whereever you are in your life right now, keep going, stay positive, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My world is a bit of a mess right now, work is the only thing keeping me going, moms in a living hell but we get up every day and try again. If you fancy working part time from home, give me a shout, we're having a zoom business launch Monday night, you could listen in on, or we can have a chat together.

This was how yesterday went otherwise;

My stats as of today

I started at - 200lb
I wanna weigh - 165lb
I plan to lose - 35lb / 17.5% of my body weight.
The scales 24/1/21 - 189lb
I've already lost - 11lb 
Yesterday I stepped 12,055 times 
I covered 5.13 miles 
I burned 2446 calories  

I consumed calories - too many again 
I was active for 38 minutes 
I slept 4 hours 49 mins

#walk1000miles challenge - Total YTD =  154.45 left to walk = 845.55

My 3 good things;

1) Understanding and helpful people 

2) The sunrise was glorious

3) Having half hour to myself with a glass of wine before getting into bed



Today is Galentines day, the day when we should all take time to appreciate the importance of friendship, some of the most important relationships in our lives!  My friendships have kept me sane over the years, they definitely help to lower my stress levels and help me cope with the drama in my life.  Did you know a strong social network may also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, decrease depression and even help us live longer lives.

Quality over quantity is what matters most when it comes to friendship, I'm blessed to have the best. I'd love to be going out for lunch with them, but that's not happening this year.  I'm hoping for a walk round the block with V! 

Mom's awake again so that's me off, have a great day xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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