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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Quiet in my house! Apart from the dog!

Tuesday 16th February 2021
You're a diamond dear, they can't break you x

Well as you can see I've slept but it's been another restless night, I was awake more than once, those restlless times I woke just didn't get out of bed, but I'm rested.  It's a novelty to sleep without the heating on full blast, I didn't have the heating on at all yesterday, I put a fleece on, it was lovely.

Thanks to a wonderful lady I was able to have a short facetime with mom but I'm not gonna lie, that broke me, what is it they say, ignorance is bliss - what you don't know can't hurt you and that's definitely true.  Seeing her there, all confused and pissed off, she was talking about not going with 'him' she'd had a bastard for over 30 years, so in her head she was remembering dad and those years were tough enough the first time round without reliving them.  She didn't seem to recognise me either but when I lifted Alfie up she knew him, I had to remind myself later that she can be like that at home when I've got Terry on facetime she's been confused over who he is.  

She's apparently keeping them on their toes, telling them tales, being awkward and asking to come home, well insisting, for someone who doesn't have much mobility, she can escape the bay!  They've got her on IV antibiotics, dajoxin and water tablets, she's better than she was, but then to be honest when she went in, I didn't think there was much wrong with her then because she wasn't showing any symptoms other than a little difficulty breathing which she's had for a long time. Thankfully she doesn't have Covid which is a massive positive isn't it. 

I had a couple of calls to discuss how she would manage when she came home, stairs etc, but she has no need to go upstairs now her bed is in the living room, I've moved the rug so her walker will move around easily.  

I took Alfie for a walk yesterday afternoon and suddenly had the realisation I didn't have to rush back, it was a bizarre feeling especially as I remember mom having similar when dad passed away as she was his carer. Speaking of Alfie, he was a nightmare yesterday, barking at me constantly when I was trying to do an appointment, sitting whining looking at moms chair, so he's missing her.  It is nice to be able to leave a room without being interrogated though, I'm not gonna lie!

I did eat some proper food, this was from the freezer, wouldn't buy it again but think some people would like it, not for me though. 

Mom's going to be in for a couple of days at least so my plan is to sort my house, I gave the wetroom a deep clean yesterday, floor to ceiling and the living room.  Today will be the kitchen and my bedroom, all my clothes are in bin bags because of the move round and I got rid of the cupboard and sideboard to accomodate the bed in the living room, so I need to work out storage in my bedroom.  That'll keep me busy today.  I have no work today so can focus on the house and take advantage of situation. 

I will chill out this afternoon, watch a movie and rest, whilst I can because I have a feeling things will be very difficult when she does come out, it'll take a time to settle her down, if I'm able to at all! 

I did do work yesterday too, signed up a new customer and partner, also supported Elle with her customer, I had a busy day actually yesterday, so I will potter doing my tidying today, I do love a tidy house though, not gonna lie.  

Have a good day, take care of you and stay safe. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x


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