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Friday, 11 September 2020

You're important and you know what to do!

Friday 11th September 2020
Overthinking will destroy your mood - breathe and let go.

Oh you couldn't make it up could ya, the morning I don't have to get up and mom wakes me at 4am, asking "Are you STILL asleep"?  lol, yeah I'm a lazy bitch still sleeping at 4am, hilarious!  Obviously it wasn't funny at all but I wasn't angry, I'm gutted now as she's gone back to sleep next to me in her chair and I'm wide awake but hey, I've had some sleep and I can take today at a slow pace so it's all good.  I might even get to do a bit of cooking, you never know, although I have a crochet blanket I need to get done over the next few weeks so the cooking might wait till tomorrow.  

Yesterday was a lovely day of seeing my members, having a chat and a chuckle with some, oh how I've missed my Thursday night devilry with V Stokes, she's naughty and is fully of mischief and we turn into naughty chuckling kids when in each others company and you know what - it's marvellous.  Don't you just love it when another person brings out a side of your personality that isn't always there - I do, I love how we behave differently in different peoples company.  It's not that we're 'pretending' to be someone else, it's just that we all have lots of factors to our personalities, some being stronger than others and we others bring out certain parts.  I've been much more like my old self this week, there are lots of reasons, but one of the main ones being the wonderful people in my life being there supporting me and me reminding myself of who I am and decisions I made 16 years ago, remembering I will always have choices and I will always find a way because I am my mothers daughter and she was a force of nature.  

Now yesterday I talked Almonds - ma'an I'm full of conversation lol, but seriously I think we could do with talking food more not trying to ignore it, not thinking of it as the enemy as someone said to me yesterday.  Food is our friend, don't ever think differently.  We're all guilty of at some point in our lives getting to the point where we feel so desperate to lose weight that we go out there looking for a quick fix, a magic potion or lotion, we see someone else doing well so we ask them what they're doing, what plan they're on.  The truth is they're probably just in a better place in their life.  Weight Loss is easy when life is easy, throw a few curveballs into your life or hey why not hurl a pandemic into the equation, put your job at jeopardy, make your parents, grandparents or loved ones ill, so many other stressful things you could be handling and suddenly, counting points, going to the gym, meditating and all that stuff goes out the window!  

Then what happens, instead of acknowledging to yourself that this is happening and doing the best you can with what you've got, you go into the blame and shame game, you start the nasty self talk, 'I'm useless, hopeless, I don't know why I bother, I just can't do it, I'll always be fat, every time I try - I fail, I hate myself' or other such thoughts and is this likely to help!  Hell no it ain't.  

That's when we get desperate and try silly things, fail again, try again, fail again because we don't stop and take a breathe and notice what''s really causing the problems, we don't stop to give ourselves time to grieve the losses, we think we have to be over them within days or weeks.  It doesn't have to be a loss of a loved one either, it could be the loss of a job or your life how it was!

So what's the answer?  I don't have it, if I did, I'd be very rich probably, I do have some suggestions though!   Start with saying this sentence out loud; 

"I'm good enough and I'm doing the best I can at this time.  I am loved by so many regardless of what I weigh"  

Next we can stop looking for friendship in the kitchen, unless your bestie is stood in there that is.  I may have said food is our friend but that's not quite what I meant, I didn't mean that consuming copious amounts of it would fill us with the same love that having a good natter with a human, breathing friend would, I meant that it can help us feel well.  

Let's start talking more, sharing our struggles, not bottling stuff up.  

What should you be eating?  Oh that bloody question lol!  We truly know what's good for us, but if you need a little guidance and you're too overwhelmed by life to count, track, point etc, when thinking about meals and food, try and buy food that is as close to it's natural form as possible, so something that has been grown (fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses) or breathed (chicken, fish), things that haven't been processed or produced in a laboratory.    You could start looking at ingredients, but again, do you really even need to?  Which of these is the choice?

Is it bad to have ready made food?  No!  It's all about balance.  What's the best thing you can do to help keep your food intake down?  Get a smaller plate, start eating the portion sizes you're supposed too, trust me you won't be hungry, you might be head hungry but not physically and that's coming from a greedy bitch who can order a KFC family bucket and not share it with her family!  Yep, plus make chip sarnies with the chips from the fk it bucket! 

Just because we can out eat a Sumo Wrestler, doesn't mean we should!  So today, how about we use our own intelligence, be our own guru, listen to the voice inside that knows we're worth it, we're important and need to take care of ourselves xx  


Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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