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Friday, 4 September 2020

Feeling Good Friday

Friday 4th September 2020
Everything is hard at first glance, so look again and again and again

Let's be honest 2020 has been difficult for everyone but we're still here (well if you're reading this you are, my heart breaks to think about those that aren't and this dreadful disease, let's not dwell).  Working from home had it's challenges and going back to the new norm has too, but I have to say just a handful of members, the chat and the banter reminded me last night of everything I love about my job and I do love my job so much, I've been with WW as an employee since December 2004 but I've been with them as a member since I left school back (I'm now 50!), it hasn't just helped me lose weight over the years (again and again lol) but it's helped me find my tribe, my community, my family and I love them so much, I found my besties through WW, probably 90% of the people I know and care about deeply know me because of WW, even people I've only ever met through Facebook.  I'm all sentimental this morning but for the first time since returning to work, I actually feel 100% like me again and that's a great feeling. 

Moving on, food is never far from my mind, which is another reason I'll always love people who get that about me, (Becky last night, we connected over our thoughts on Lockdown and we both chuckled and felt better for it, love you lady).  Breakfast yesterday was 3 satsumas, I didn't fancy anything and was in a rush, but of course by mid morning I started to get peckish and used that as an excuse to have a packet of WW protein balls which are my favourite treat before I sell out as I think they're being discontinued.

I was very grown up at dinner time when I got back from workshops, I'm working on my portion sizes and I had a packet of Cumberland sausages which I had planned on making the pie from Jamie's cook book but I wasn't in the mood but they needed using and I've not got Penn Road Butchers sausage to use in the pie, will try to do that today.  Anyway, I could've easily eaten all 6 sausages but at 4SP per sausage (ouch), I realised I only needed 2, 2 is the suggested serving size and 2 would satisfy me physically, the same with mash, a suggested portion of mash is 180g (4SP) and again I could've eaten loads more but didn't, I cooked leeks and gravy and this meal more than satisfied me, even if I did look at the plate thinking there's not a lot there!  Maybe need a smaller plate, I had big bowls I used as plates but I've smashed them over the last few months (clumsy ain't I!). 

After 5 workshops and a long day, the last thing I wanted to do was cook, I hadn't planned my tea - that's what I need to do actually, the week I did that, I was much better prepared and had a great week.  
Because I wasn't organised, I ended up looking in the fridge and cupboard, seeing some leftover cooked cabbage, so thought, yeah that'll be the veg, opened the freezer and there were so cod pieces, so I put them in the oven and had it with half packet of microwave rice (5SP).  This filled me up enough, but I did have a couple of crackers with a scrape of real butter on an hour later because I fancied them not because I was hungry.

What will the day ahead bring, will mom let the carer visit?  Will Alfie be in the mood to walk?  Will I actually cook a sausage and mash pie?  Whatever happens I plan to stay on track, this is my third week on track now, not done that in a long time, I'm proud of me, especially as it hasn't been a stress free week.  There are so many things we can't control but how we choose to take care of ourselves we can and that's what I'm doing.  Now what to have for breakfast, I'm feeling a muffin and maybe a bit of bacon with an egg ooooooo and tomatoes lol, see I get all excited when I plan food, maybe I'll do my meal planner today too. 

Let's make Friday fabulous shall we? 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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