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Monday, 7 September 2020

Magic or Manic Monday?

 Monday 7th September 2020
You've mastered survival mode, now it's time to live.

After my virtual workshop yesterday, I decided to have brunch and delicious it was, I miss my eggs so will be going back to having them in the mornings, I enjoy them with mushrooms and they keep me going.  When I eat carbs in the morning such as the muffin, I want more carbs and more throughout the day!  My body likes protein with a little carbs, not carb on carb on carb.

Oh now my main meal wasn't portioned controlled as you can see, but it was immense I have to say, those are those cheesy mash potato crispy muffin bites and they are off the scales, but there really is too many on the plate I'm sure lol, I've always said cauliflower cheese shouldn't be on the same plate as gravy as it's a meal in itself but ooo cheesy mash bites, well that with gravy was seriously good and that's one of the Yorkshire's I made that I froze, I really think I need to seriously consider a freezer for the shed, just need to make the room first, then I could freeze more stuff that I cook and I think it would save money long term.  My £3 chicken did me two days though and that's with mom and Alfie having some, so that's defo a money saver, I just can't resist the chicken skin!  But seriously if that's the only bad fat I have all week?  Oh okay, I've just looked and it's 17SP for 100g - oops!

Anyway as was suggested in the virtual yesterday, take it one meal at a time, if you have a bad day, get up and follow it with a good day, both good pieces of advise especially after the weekend!  

What I would say as a WW coach of course, is go to your workshop and have a chat with your coach, especially right now as we are there at the scales for the full hour so you can have that little bit longer, also once you've been, we can then follow up with you if needed throughout the week. 

I've got a cauli that I'm not afraid to use today lol, I'm going to try a Jamie recipe, maybe I'll film it at the same time depending on moms mood!  I usually like to have a subject I want to cover whilst cooking and filming but I can't decide which one I fancy, if you have any suggestions let me know. 

It's looking like another lovely day out there, Alfie took me for 2 walks again yesterday bless him, 71 active minutes and they'd all be with him as we sat watching tv the rest of the day, mom was good until whatever time it was my bro accidently called me, we were half way through watching 'singing in the rain' when she turned and we didn't watch the rest of it but everything after that was 'shit' .  Hey ho, here's hoping she's good this morning, I can hear her moving around so I'll get going. 

Here's to a Magic Monday!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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