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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Got my cook on yesterday!

Tuesday 1st September
The best way to predict the future is to create it.

First of the month, shall we make it a Super or Splendid September as some of my members have suggested or a Blue September as one commented, I instantly thought no don't be sad, then I realised she meant the WW blue dots on the app - well I hope that's what she meant!

I got another day being healthy in the bag yesterday, I'm eating when I feel hungry and I'm thinking about my choices and what I actually want, this breakfast was absolutely off the scale, I was a little sad that my egg cracked before I'd finished plating up 😩 but there are much worse disasters in the world right now I know and it was still delicious - English breakfast muffin (4SP) guacamole (2SP) streaky bacon (2SP) egg (2SP💚 0SP💙💜) & zero heroes 1/2 diced yellow pepper, 3 diced spring onions & 3 sliced mushrooms. I've got to say I really like the Tesco Gaucamole I bought this week, it works out at 8SP for the tub, the app is incorrect with the nutritional info when you scan it, so it comes up as twice that, I must remember to report that error.

Later on as this meal kept me going a good while, me and Alfie had been for another decent walk, went to bed with just shy of 10k steps, I remembered I was going to do a video, by now I'm in my pj's ready for chilling but well you've all seen me looking rough most days lol, I'm not exactly vain at the best of times so I thought I've got to cook my dinner anyway and I've got stuff about dieting I want to say so let's do it.  

I have to say when I was cooking it, I wasn't hopeful, but Jamie didn't let me down, it was delicious Mushroom Cacio E Pepe, taken from his 7 Ways cookbook that's just been released and is £12 in most places.  As you can see, I'd already dived into mine when I remembered the photo on the left, the one on the right is my arty farty cooking wonder friend Clare, she's made hers look all fancy ain't she, I reckon there's a few filters on that photo too ;) I can't be doing with filters. 

It was a really tasty 12SP quick meal for sure that I'll remember for the future, the chestnut mushrooms grated were a gamechanger, quicker than dicing for sure! 

You'd have thought that would be enough for the day but nah, a couple of hours later I wanted more, I fancied a big salad, I was chuffed I'd manage to get one of those coleslaw mixes where it has the sachet of mayo in the bag, I love them and I added Heinz salad cream 30% lighter instead, made the entire bag up but put the rest in tubs in the fridge.  Grated some Arla protein cheese, another dollop of Guacamole, if you're not keen on avocado, still give it a go as the flavours of the tomatoes, red chillies and lime make you forget you're eating avocado, well it would except for the bright green colour lol. 


So that was my food day, I tried a new Pinotage wine from Tesco, it was okay, I wouldn't rave but then again, I could taste it another day and it would taste completely different. 

If you haven't already, when you get 15 minutes, watch my video, especially if you're struggling to lose weight, or if you lose it, then regain it!  I can help you, but you've got to have a little more patience, stop with the I WANT IT NOW attitude and be prepared to try a different approach, you can come see me at any of these places this week, if you come 20 minutes after the start times, the rush has passed and I can spend more time chatting with you about your journey.

Right I need to shower and get ready to be at that Short Heath one, all this cleaning I have to do when I get there, my house has never seen such cleanliness from me like I'm having to be at work!  

Let's have another great day, stop thinking you can't, stop thinking 2020 is a washout, it isn't - we have 4 months left of this year and there might be a lot of things we can't control but there's still lots we can!  I've taken back my power, I'm working on a tweak each week, it's taken me since April to get to the weight loss bit because I was busy working on other habits, like my yoga and my stress levels etc.  Now I'm feeling good and ready to continue the journey back to me x

Hope you join me, 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me 

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