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Saturday, 12 September 2020

Saturday already!

Saturday 12th September 2020 
Remember most of our stress comes from the way we respond, not the way life is.

I've just had over 9 hours sleep! WHOOP WHOOP, you can't beat restorative rest and I've had plenty, we went to bed at half 7, mom showed willing and I was like hell yeah!  Hopefully that'll mean mom will have a good day now.  

Yesterday although mom didn't want her lady to visit, I did manage to get her in the car and we went for a drive for an hour which she enjoyed, just looking at the trees and fields, so at least that broke up her day.  I also has a drive - oh yeah I got out on my own for 40 minutes lol, I went to the butchers and had a meat party!  I went to get a treat for someone who deserves it because they've had quite the month, so whilst I was there I got me and my sister one too, steak all round tonight.  It was just nice to be out, stood in a shop which I haven't been doing and I don't remember the last time I stood in a butchers shop! 

You know your life's rock and roll when a trip to the butchers is the highlight of your day ;) but you know what, I don't want it any other way right now, I like this slower pace, if I can make moms last days relaxed and as comfortable as possible, I'm satisfied. 

My diet yesterday, depending how you look at it, was amazing from a taste sensation point of view, but from a 'weight loss' aspect, well let's just say pickled onion scratching for breakfast, black pudding pork pie for lunch and pork ribs for tea, probably isn't the balanced diet I should be aiming for on a daily basis.  Thankfully I won't be, it was a one off and because I'd given myself permission to eat what I wanted and I listened to my body, I only ended up eating some of the scratchings, the flavouring spoilt them, I had a quarter of the pork pie, I like the jelly the best, not so much the pastry and the 4 ribs I shared with Alfie, that was all I ate yesterday and it was plenty. 

Today, it's steak and chips, I'll add some mushrooms and peas for the veggie bit, I need some greens in my life today!  There's your balance, just over two days lol.  

I put a post on my page about who you'd have dinner with if you could invite 5 others (not family), loved reading the answers, but when I was asked about mine, it would always be Lynne and Vicky, then I was stuck, I have no desire to chat with famous folk or people from history, not to say I haven't ever thought, 'I'd love a conversation with....' before, just not at the moment, I decided the other three would be Gordon, Gino and Fred because I've loved watching their relationship and adventures on TV and I reckon the chat would be great and there would be lots of giggles, plus I'd expect Gordon to cook! 

Well I'm at Old Falling's United Reform church this morning, 9-10, hope to see lots of members, here's to a very, good day, focusing on the things we can control and not stressing about the things we can't. 

Mwah, luv ya x

Love me 


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