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Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Trying to control too many things!

Tuesday 15th September 2020 
Who would we be without our stories.

Every morning I go on Pinterest and look for an image and a quote to use on my blog and I love this image, how fabulous, what a great easy way to realise what you do have power over.  

I waited all day yesterday for an email that didn't come, all that stress, anxiety and expectation is not good for anyone!  On the flip side I had a text conversation with someone that was needed and I wished I'd started it sooner rather than letting all these thoughts and 'stories' go through my mind.  We all do that don't we, make up our own stories about situations sometimes, instead of having a conversation which would've been easier.  

Who would we be without our stories? 
This was something I stumbled across 16 years ago, on a personal development weekend, a lady named Byron Katie came up with this idea called The Work https://thework.com/ and it consists of 4 questions that helps you question those beliefs and thoughts you have; 

 Work consists of four questions:

1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know that it's true?
3. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
4. Who would you be without the thought?

I've found it extremely useful on a number of occasions and I wished I'd used it a few weeks ago instead of making my own story up over a situation!  Or instead of asking the question or having a conversation, instead I was self-indulgent, a little selfish too - only seeing my side of a situation, not thinking about what might be going on in the other person's world.  I don't need to go into details because we can all relate a situation of our own to what I'm saying.  I've caused myself weeks of pain because of this and it was totally unnecessary, I think I also used this situation to distract me from the real problem which funnily enough was the email I didn't get.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't ASSUME, don't think you're always in the right or your problems are more important.  Communicate more, we may not be able to get together as easy as we once could but talking takes the lift of a phone, the sending of a message.  

I struggle sometimes because my work relationships and my personal relationships merge and I have to remember, they're NOT the same thing, work is work, if I worked in Sainsbury's and my mate started shopping in Tesco, I wouldn't take it personally, or if they just stopped coming in my shop, I'd not think about it at all, so I have to remember the same goes for my workshops.   See it's just not the same thing is it lol, but I do have to remember, it's not because of me, they have their reasons and they're not personal.  Don't get me wrong, they could be, but it's unlikely. 

As you can see, my heads full of all sorts of crap at the moment, I'm overthinking lots of stuff, the main thing, I can't type about, but typing in this random, non specific way is actually helping me, if it's confusing you lol - sorry. x   

Let's talk about something I can tell you about!  I did my lazy leftover lasagne, I used the leftover chicken, which is the breast in my house weirdly, it's always the last thing I eat on a cooked chicken.  I had a pack of chestnut mushrooms, 1/2 courgette and a big roasted onion.   I layered it with condensed soup and fresh lasagne sheets and topped with some cheese.  Not bad at all!  

Right, I need to sort mom, she had a poorly leg, a blister burst and I'm trying to stop it going septic, going to re-dress it and see if it's improving, if not I may need to call the doctors.  

I'm at Short Heath today for express weigh-in, 8.15-9.15 and 9.30-10.30 then back again 5.30-6.30 tonight, hopefully the email I'm waiting for will arrive, it's frustrating when you're told it will arrive by Monday and it's still not landed!  

Hey Ho, here's to a good day. 

Mwah, luv ya all 

Love me xx

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