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Friday, 29 March 2019

Project Me! Needs to be!

Friday 29th March 2019
Never forget how wildly capable you are! 

Eat Wise - Drop a Size!

3 months from now you will thank yourself!

You are what you eat, so don't be fast, easy, cheap or fake! 

Results come over time not over night!

Right there's 4 weight loss relevant quotes to motivate you this morning.  Even I left my workshop motivated to get on track and lose some weight yesterday, we reminisced about when we first joined Weight Watchers, for me it was probably around 1988 when I was 18, back then you only got to catch up with your weight loss buddies and leader once a week, if you wanted to know what you could eat you looked in a book, to work out points in things you had a cardboard slider thing.  In comparison these days, everything is so simple, it's all there at your fingertips on the app and yet we all say, 'it's so hard', but you know what, if it's important to you, you'll make the time and do the things needed to make it easier. 

I'm loving my crochet, so I'm going to try a new project but this one doesn't require wool, this one requires a pad and a pen, PROJECT ME!  I'm going to get to know my eating/drinking habits and routines again and then I'm going to tweak them so by the end of April, I'm well and truly in the next stone down, hopefully by summer, I'll be at least half stone lower.  I'm not in a rush for weight loss, it's not a race.  I'm thrilled that I appear to have maintenance sussed, I can maintain the weight I am pretty easily, it'll go up a couple of pound then back down over the course of a month.  This means all I have to do is tweak it.

The power of the mind is incredible though, I suppose it could've been because I'd been awake since 3am yesterday so maybe my brain was tired and needed energy but I don't think it was, I think it was more about the fact, I'd decided to start tracking 100% regardless of good or bad and get myself a notepad (not a new one because I already have loads that have only a page or two used) I'm going to use this pad to get to know myself again so that I can work on me for me.  Well my appetite and imagination went into overdrive yesterday afternoon.  From knowing what I was having for my tea because it was all in the fridge made up, suddenly I'm thinking about the fact I wanted an Indian at some point, a Chinese for my tea, then there's chips from the chippy, if I start PROJECT ME, these things aren't going to be on the menu, maybe I should start Monday and get them out my system.  I even sat on my phone whilst waiting for my members and added £22 to the local Chinese Takeaway food basket to order for collection on my way home.  I had a word with myself, realised what I was doing and closed the window.  Instead I drove home and had the Indian spiced cauliflower and potato Suman had made for me and the last of my mince concoction.  

Yeah I have a few pairs of trousers in my wardrobe I'd like to wear again this year, I know they're too tight and in danger of splitting if I walk round in them, my mission is to get into them.  

I loved what Sadie said to me yesterday as she told me she'd been coming for a year continually, she's dropped 4 dress sizes and wants to go down one more.  She hadn't lost weight this week but felt smaller and had bought a smaller size in the shop.  She told me, she wasn't so bothered about the numbers, more focused on the dress size, especially as she's exercising so toning up too.  Her words, "No one knows your numbers but everyone knows what you look like."

I'm not aiming for big grand gestures, I'm not going to go shopping and buy loads of diet stuff, I'm going to use what's in my cupboards and freezer because there's plenty to make healthy food from.  I'm going to lose some weight in a doable, healthy way, like the members I've been watching doing just that and enjoying their journey's. 

I know it's Mothers Day on Sunday, but there's something all the time to knock us off track, we can still enjoy a bit of something nice and lose weight.

I've done it before - I'll do it again.  How you doing? 

Here's to a very great day because remember, this months choices are next months body!

Stay BeYOUtiful!   



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