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Friday, 1 February 2019

Feel the love February

Friday 1st February 2019
In order to love yourself , must behave in ways you admire.

Okay so we missed the snow here in Wolves thankfully, I really don't like this time of the year, the only part of it I like is when I'm in my workshops having fun or in my house with mom with the curtains closed snuggled up with my crochet and tv.  The weather and darkness side of it sucks!  I've decided February is going to be the month of self-care and self-love, yeah here's to a month of kindness to me, fancy joining me. 

We don't take care of anything we don't love! 

So who's up for getting back to loving who they are, what they are and where they are.  There are so many things we can't change so let's accept them with open arms and give ourselves the hugs we'd share with others. 

How? Mmm....

Well notice where you're sabotaging yourself for a start!

We need to truly love who we are, love ourselves as much as we would someone else, if we want to support our own happiness.  Do you believe your happiness is worthwhile?  I know I bloody do! 

Are you being your own worst enemy, is it time you start being your own best friend.   Do you even realise your sabotaging yourself? There are so many things we can't control but we can control ourselves, so let's start taking our our happiness, our own self care into account, treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated.  

Think for a moment, are you taking on too much, do you way yes too often?  Do you do things you don't want to do for whatever reason?  Do you spend time with mood hoovers?  Are you getting enough sleep?   Are you eating foods that are helping you get the body you want or making your feel drained and lethargic?  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you spend time with people who believe in you?  

I know you don't have time to take care of you - blah, blah, blah!  I use that excuse too, we do, we always find time for the things we believe are important and guess what - WE ARE.  

Stop standing in your own way - I'm talking to myself there too.   Let's agree to start living a life that doesn't leave us feeling drained and unhappy. Let's choose to love the skin we're in whilst working on improving our health and appearance if that's what we want to do.  

Where shall we start?  Let's make today's easy, go grab a pint of water and commit to hydrating yourself today, drinking at least 2 litres of water.  Start from the inside out should be easy enough!

I enjoyed a few chips yesterday, because eating the odd bit of naughty niceness is okay, I weighed them out

It's cold and I need warm comfort food, this proves you can have it.  I know I need to get back within my Smart Points allowance but I'm on it now, I'm going to sort that out.  The second thing I plan to do today to help with my self-care is to track everything 100% whatever the total ends up at! 

The last thing I plan to do today and I appreciate not everyone can as it's a Friday is relax, I've got my massage booked and I'm going to do nothing after that.  I'm out all day tomorrow working so I must fit in down time.

What are you going to to do today to help your self-care? 

Have a very great day, 

Stay BeYOUtiful. 


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