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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Tremendous Thursday?

7th February 2019
continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

My day went okay yesterday, it did turn out to be a wonderful Wednesday, ate healthy as you can see, hit 10k on my steps and had a good balance of work and rest, taking a break from my big blanket project whilst waiting for wool to work on a little baby blanket, nice change and now I'm got another project to add to the list, that's me sorted till summer!

My sister made me a couple of waffles again for 3SP, they're really good, she's throwing all sorts into them.

and I'd been fancying lamb for a couple of weeks now but I have to say I'm cured for the foreseeable, I'd rather have chicken breast for zero, lambs not worth the points.

Today I shall mostly be eating Harjs leftovers and I have a piece of salmon that I'm going to put Hollandaise sauce on I think and have with the rest of the mash and more peas, love petit pots.  Very skint now so for the rest of this month I shall be working my way through the freezer and only buying essentials.  Thankfully my freezer is full so I shall be looking for ways to use all the whoopsie salmon I've got in there.  I know I have some trout in there too and some mince and stewing steak I had from Penn Road butchers.  I also have bacon in fridge which I'm going to do grey peas with, so I'm not going to starve am I.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it but next week is Open House at WW, everybody is welcome, it's a great chance to go check out what goes on in a workshop or to bring along someone who has shown interest.

But first I've got 6 more workshops to get through this week, today being 5 of them, loving my tribe, having a great week, here's to another very, great day today.  Let's make Thursday tremendous!

Stay BeYOUtiful.


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