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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Wonderful Wednesday anyone?

Wednesday, February 2019
Saying yes to happiness mean learning to say NO to things and people that stress you out.

Mid week already, don't these weeks go by quickly, almost a week into February and I'm on the countdown to spring, now I always say winter is December, January and February but the astronomical calendar says In 2019, the spring equinox falls on 20 March, but I'm going with the meteorological calendar which says it starts on March 1, 2019.  Doing it that way means spring comes sooner and by Winter I don't really care! 

Anyway there's a glorious sunrise going on and all is good in my world, unplugging from the world for a couple of days has done me the world of good. I managed to cook twice yesterday but very basic, I was going to make a curry from scratch but resorted to the jars, so much simpler when you have other stuff you want to do, I've got that many crochet projects to do, I ain't got time for cooking and cleaning.  Thankfully my amazing sister had cleaned my kitchen so that gave me an extra hour which I spent with mom and we watched one of her blood, snot and murder programmes.  It frightens me that I'm becoming immune to the evil that happens in them, I used to have nightmares about them, now it's just white noise.

So this was what I ate; 

Had me a good breakfast using 2 Penn Road chicken breast sausages (1SP) squeezed out to make a flat pattie (they cook easier and fit on the thin better!) with an egg, spinach and lettuce on a Sainsbury's thin (2SP) 

Then I'm hooked on Pataks Saag Masala, I roasted peppers and onions separately and added them at the end with a bag of spinach.  Cooked it in the oven so I didn't have to watch over the chicken and sauce.  That lot is two jars which are 11SP a jar, so 3SP per tub and 6SP for what's in the bowl plus the 5SP for the rice.
 I'm going back to posting all my meals because that helps to keep me on track, I can be eating anything if I'm not posting, need to remember I do want to lose some weight.  I started the year at 13st 4lb, went down to 12st 11lb by mid January, then back up to 13st 1lb the week after which is where I've stayed, so come on Beverley, sort it out, use this boring hell time of year where you don't want to go out to get a few pounds off.  What is it they say, Summer bodies are made in Winter.  let's have a go them.  It's still difficult to actually write those numbers down for others to read, especially when one of my long time gold members (who's a man) is desperately trying to lose a few more pounds and if he does he'll be lighter than me!  That made me realise I really should be trying a little harder to lose a few pounds! 

So here's to getting back to it.  Remember 

but also think about this, in 2 weeks you'll feel it.  In 4 weeks you'll see it and in 8 weeks you'll hear it.  Who'd like to see the difference come spring and have everyone noticing and commenting when Summer arrive.  I like that idea, now to just keep reminding myself and not using the weather, my mom, my brothers cancer, being busy, being menopausal, being hormonal, being tired, being..... as an excuse to not eat well! 

Right let's stop fannying about and have a very great day!

Stay BeYOUtiful.


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