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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Trying but lying!

Sunday 10th February 2019
Judge others when you are perfect!

As she was leaving mine yesterday, my sister said, "Braised steak and onions tomorrow with mash?  We're not tracking it then!  How are you doing on your diet?"  I half smiled at her and said "Trying but lying!" and we both laughed as she walked down the path.  But those 3 words pretty much sum up February so far, I'm cooking healthy meals and tracking them but I'm not focusing on staying within my allowance, improvements so far this month compared to January include I've stopped snacking, I'm not eating moms treats when she offers them to me, actually I have had 2 digestive biscuits over the week, so a massive improvement on the crisps and chocolate biscuits I was tempted with in January.  

I need to look at my portion sizes, because I loved that garlic chicken I gave a portion away and then I ate the other two yesterday to myself, at least it was my dinner and tea combined I guess but I didn't need the thin I ate with it!  

I  think I'm going to try and do a meal plan for the week, obviously starting tomorrow as today is fruit and yogurt for breakfast and then braised steak & onions with mash and veg so it's already planned but to be fair I won't eat anything else after that as it will fill me up and if we have as early an night as we did last night, I will be in bed at tea time!

I slept though, 7.30 in bed until 5am, now hoping mom stays asleep for a couple of hours so I can enjoy a bit of quiet.  

I went to bed thinking about the wonderful people I have in my life, my besties are just incredible, they get me and that is worth more than all the money in the world, it really is.  Then there's my WW tribe, every Saturday morning my helpers they listen to all my issues and hassles and I love them for it, then I watch them all chat away with my members whilst I'm at the scales and I feel truly lucky to know such incredible individuals.  My members, well I'm blessed there too, yeah my WW world is one big beating heart, an amazing community of people. 

Then there's my family, my sister well she's there for me right now in practical ways as well as emotional, she's got my back and that's appreciated more than you can imagine.  I can't even explain how wonderful I feel when I walk in my kitchen and see it all clean and tidy, it's not even the fact that it is tidy, its that someone cares about me enough to do it.  I love her I really do.  

And the two people I had thought about the most all day were my two wonderful nieces, I love that then visit us often and they love their nan and sit and laugh at her stories.  I care about their wellbeing so much and love that they know I'm here for them, especially at this difficult time. 

Yeah if I focus more on all the amazing people I have in my life and less on what I have in my fridge, maybe my weight will start going down again.  

The very lovely Tina bought me a gift yesterday that's going to help me focus on the good stuff, it's an A6 reflection book, how wonderful is that, it starts on a Monday so I'll start it tomorrow, the start of it says;

Sometimes its easy to become absorbed in everyday life and we don't take the time to reflect on the good things that are happening.  Take a moment to reflect and jot down from day to day the things that you are thankful for, memories you cherish or just gentle reminders to yourself.  at the end of this little book, look back and reflect on all the lovely things that you have in your life and to provide a keepsake that you can treasure. 

Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things.  Kurt Vonnegut. 

If you feel like you need one of these in your life, get along to Wilko's or order online.  

Anyway today I'm going to work on that meal plan, crochet, watch the voice from last night and hope moms in the mood for watching it too, then no doubt we'll watch a few more of her murder programmes or maybe it'll be tipping point for a bit of light relief.  

Here's to never giving up, always looking for the good moments and taking care of ourselves as best as we are able without giving ourselves a hard time.  

I'm hoping for a calm day, I hope you get the kind of day you need. 

Stay BeYOUtiful.


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