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Thursday, 28 February 2019

There's more to you than what you weigh

Thursday 28th February 2019
Be you, do you, for you!

I had my tea made for me last night by a BeYOUtiful young lady who comes to my workshop with her mom, she cooked from the Flex cookbook that she'd treated herself too,

It was so lovely that she'd made it and that she actually cared about my opinion.  I'd rather be involved in giving her a love of good, healthy food and getting her to realise her BeYOUtiful than helping her lose a few pounds.  I'd rather have a future world full of fierce, independent women who are more concerned about what they're doing than how much they way, focusing on how their bodies feel rather than how they look. 

I posted this yesterday on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156661844975862&set=a.10150499950260862&type=3&theater it's asking "If I’ve ever helped you feel better about yourself, reach your goals or lose some weight please comment below...." and I love that the majority of the response have nothing to do with losing weight, my mission in life is to help people love themselves regardless of what they weigh, reading someone has found their 'happy' makes me very happy too. (feel free to follow the link and write a comment) 

I was actually very lucky last night because in addition to that meal, Su and Harj bought me leftovers too, so I don't need to cook today at all, and possibly tomorrow depending on my appetite.  I was going to have a takeaway tonight (Facebook been sending me subliminal signals from Abduls!) but now I don't need to because I have the real deal.  I know they're all delicious too as I had a spoonful of each cold out the pots before putting them in the fridge - I couldn't resist. 

Breakfast was filling yesterday, English muffin with eggs and WW hollandaise sauce, with a bowl of pineapple on the side. 

My appetite didn't subside, no photo but for lunch we had Alphabites with egg and a chicken burger, I honestly could have eaten it again (I didn't) every now and again you can't beat a bit of processed rubbish - as long as it is now and again and not all the time. 

Most of the time, feed your body like you love it! For me that's eating fresh and cooking from scratch, trying to include plenty of fruit and veg.

Anyway, I've got to get ready for work, I've just realised I haven't filled in my 3 good things book for the pst two days so need to catch up with that, let's see, yesterday, that's easy, BeYOUtiful ladies cooking for me,, the lovely walk I had with Alfie in the sunshine and the clear night sky when I got home, all those stars shining.  Tuesday, mmm coming home to a clean, tidy kitchen thanks to my sis, Night Nurse guaranteeing me a decent sleep and I suppose it has to be Paracetamol keeping my temperature down ;) 

It's the little things, if you appreciate them, life is good.

Here's to a tremendous Thursday, my voice may not be 100% but I don't feel dreadful which is good news.

Stay BeYOUtiful!   


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