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Saturday, 2 February 2019

& Breathe

Saturday 2nd February 2019
give yourself the same care and attention you give to others & watch yourself bloom.

Well after rushing around yesterday morning trying frantically to locate a chemist that had some of my medication in stock, I finally found one with 6 weeks worth so hopefully the manufacturing issue will be sorted by then otherwise I have no idea what will happen, I do know it's a stress I don't need in my life.   The ladies in the local chemist had been so helpful, I later took them all a bunch of daffodils each, we're all quick to complain but rarely say thank you and really mean it!

I wasn't really in the cooking mood so I through some peppers and a quartered onion in the oven and added it to my leftover curry, absolutely delicious it was.  Now I have stew left for tonight when I eventually get it so I won't have to think about food today either. 

In pursuit of 'feel the love February' today I plan to surround myself with people who make me feel good, my Saturday morning workshop always does that and then I have an area meeting with my colleagues, a good natter in the car on the drive over.

It is a full on, long day today so I need to take care of me too, I'm thinking a good quick, easy breakfast, Elle is getting me a sandwich for lunch although I could've used those sandwich thins and saved points, mmm but do I have time and a sandwich would be nice for a change.  Then got my stew for tea.  So I'm sorted food wise.

This morning is going to be a real rush between workshop and area meeting as I have to come home and empty my car to refill it with new stock plus other stuff, I'm not going to stress over it, if I'm a little late, then that's the situation, I'm only one person and I can't be in two places at once.  That's me taking care of me - self care at its best.

Oh I almost forgot I had this for breakfast yesterday thanks to my sister, 
 It was only 1SP, egg and bit of chicken sausage sprinkle of mozzarella and peppers and onion, I'm loving her experimenting on her new waffle maker.

Anyway I'm going to finish here as I've got stuff to do before I leave the house, yay to a very long day - NOT! But when I get home later, the weekend is all about chilling, turning off the work and taking care of me and mine.

My motto for today - Breathe it'll all get done and if it doesn't meh so what!

What are you going to to do today to help your self-care? 

Have a very great day, 

Stay BeYOUtiful. 


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