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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

16 weeks till Summer - yes it is still WINTER!

Wednesday 27th February 2019
Focus on your health, not your weight.

Well I've got the blinking lurgy again, beginning of January was the last time, I've searched my blog cos someone said last night, have you got another cold and it got me thinking am I ill a lot!  The stinking head cold is at full strength now, it's trying to take my voice as it always does, I took Night Nurse last night to help me sleep, I don't feel like I'm dying though so it's all good. 

Yesterday was a buzzing, busy day, quite a few of us realised this early does of sunshine is a reminder summer ain't that far away, but the beauty of having a couple of days this warm is we now have until Friday, June 21, 2019 which is when the Summer Solstice is and Summer starts, that's 16 weeks, oh WOW we could lose some good pounds by then!

1/2lb a week = 8lb

1lb a week = 16lb
1.5lb a week = 24lb
2lb a week = 32lb

Which would you like, I'd take the 1/2lb a week average, at this moment in time I'd take lurgy free, healthy and this weight I'm at to be honest!

So today I will treat myself with kindness, get a bit of fresh air whilst I walk the dog, rest when I can allowing my body to recover and save my energy for my workshops tonight.

I'm going to have eggs on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce for my breakfast then whatever is in the fridge or freezer for my dinner, I won't be making a fuss in the kitchen today, or maybe I will cos I really fancy that turkey steaks recipe from the WW magazine. 

How will you invest in your health today?  I shall stay hydrated, plenty of water, eat a bowl of my lentil curry as that has garlic and ginger in, I might add turmeric next time I make them because that's supposed to be really good for you and I doubt you'll taste it that much. 

I might have a hot bath to ease my muscles whilst drinking a vitamin C drink, I might actually start the day with a hot lemon and honey drink - yeah I've been googling to get ideas of things that help your immune system and help shift a cold/cough.  We all know it has to run it's course but if we can ease that all the better. 

This is one suggestion;
Fresh garlic is a renowned antimicrobial and expectorant. When you mixed with honey can be very effective in fighting the bacteria and soothing an itchy throat. Simply place ½ teaspoon chopped garlic in a tablespoon and fill remaining area with raw honey and swallow all at once.     

I'm game to try anything!  Well within reason.  I've got some tinned pineapple which is full of vitamin C and has and antioxidants. But I’m giving it more praise because it contains the anti-inflammatory enzymecalled bromelain.  I can eat that straight from the tin rather than oranges. 

Here's to shifting this large as soon as it landed, at least I don't feel like deaths door, so that's a bonus. 

Have a very, great day, I plan to go to bed the minute I get home to try and help shift this.

Stay BeYOUtiful!   



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